Last WWI Veteran Dies

Via WSBRadio:

Frank Buckles, who lied about his age to get into uniform during World War I and lived to be the last surviving U.S. veteran of that war, has died. He was 110.

Buckles, who also survived being a civilian POW in the Philippines in World War II, died peacefully of natural causes early Sunday at his home in Charles Town, biographer and family spokesman David DeJonge said in a statement. Buckles turned 110 on Feb. 1 …

Frank Buckles was an advocate for establishing a national memorial to WWI veterans. Sadly the current monument has fallen into disrepair. The National Parks Service has dedicated over $7 million to restore the monument and surrounding grounds to its rightful place of honor in time for the WWI centennial in 2014.

Pershing’s Last Patriot is a movie made of Frank’s extraordinary life that will be released in 2011.

Oh, the history he witnessed. Now he’s gone on to his rest and reward.

What Robot Said

Yet another Righteous Rant from a fellow Patriot – Mind-Numbed Robot.

He was hollering the T word days before Newt played the pandering (and predicable) impeachment card. Just read it. It’s a heartfelt cry that is a work of art.

I always hoped my children would have a better life when they reached adulthood. Now I’m just hoping there will still be an America for this family to defend in the next few years.

Tabitha Hale Assaulted by CWA Thug, Those Crickets Keep on Chirpin’

Tabitha Hale of FreedomWorks was assaulted by a union thug Wednesday, after they showed up uninvited at the building housing FreedomWorks to protest their grievance du jour (Wisconsin? Indiana? Oh wait, scratchy toilet paper?).

Tabitha’s account is here. Where’s the state run media? Covering Charlie Sheen’s latest meltdown and slobbering over who may wear what at the Oscars this weekend, I’m sure. Priorities, people, priorities!

Ace is at his best when he’s foaming at the mouth. This post is no exception (h/t The Other McCain). Like the rest of us, he takes exasperated issue with the liberal filter the media tools use on every little thing.

“Context.” “Manufactured.” Those who don’t wish to say the truth — and those who don’t even wish to know the truth, to discover the horrors they actually believe in — content themselves with such evasions.

Thinking men and women reject them, push past the gauzy haze of such vague words and demand to know (including demanding to know of themselves) what these words actually mean and what assumptions, precisely, we believe in.

If an assumption is too odious to be stated aloud — there is a very good chance that assumption is false and hateful, isn’t there?

Now we hear that these same friendly folks will be bussed in everywhere Saturday. They are hoping to make all 50 state capitols, spreading their message of “hope and change.” We should all be there – cameras in hand.

Couldn’t make this one up if I tried…

(via Teri Christoph on Facebook)

NY State Representative Anthony Weiner wants to remove a nude male statue near Queens Borough Hall and sell it on Craigslist.

I don’t know much about New–York–City. Could this statue perhaps be in the Pickle District?

Quote of the Day

From the excellent exchange of letters between Roger Simon of PJM and Salim Mansur:

…I expressed my fear of how a culture of narcissism (as Christopher Lasch called it) and political correctness (as Allan Bloom laid bare in The Closing of the American Mind) have contributed to the present situation in American politics that you and I deplore. What I implied is that America’s retreat from its role as leader of the West will mean an absence of an effective check to the malady that has brought ruin to the Muslim world, and that this affliction will spread. An isolationist America and a weakened West, its Enlightenment values irreparably corroded, is ominous for everyone who loves freedom.

The first letter is here. Food for thought amongst our crumbling walls.

Jerusalem Post Points Out Obama’s Incompetency; Crickets Chirp in American Newsrooms

What else do you expect? The LSM in America is state run; you’ll rarely, if ever, read a dissenting opinion about The Won. Pravda, but with Nordstrom ads.

Caroline Glick at The Jerusalem Post points out Obama’s glaring inconsistencies in Middle Eastern policy. Just read the whole thing, I’ll wait.

Back now? Let’s reiterate:

Most of Obama’s administration has proven their incompetence, irrationality, arrogance and uncouthness, time and time again. US Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are no exception. Why vote to veto Lebanon’s lengthy resolution on Jewish property rights, then condemn your action in so vetoing?

Perhaps in the UN this is normal behavior, but isn’t arguing with yourself, especially in public, a surefire for the men in white coats to pay a visit, restrain you and then cart you off to a padded room?

(All the below emphasis is mine)

BUT BEYOND the basic falseness of Rice’s statement, her condemnation of her own vote to veto the resolution, and Clinton’s similar statements, serve to send a series of messages to the states in the region that are devastating to US regional posture.

Obama is sticking to his plan of weakening America, both domestically and abroad. He doesn’t understand (or either secretly supports) that Palestinians learned long ago that the best way to fight Israel is not in the streets, but internationally.

To advance this aim, the Palestinians seek to isolate Israel internationally by criminalizing it in international arenas. The Palestinians have made intense use of all UN bodies to achieve their goal. With automatic majorities in nearly every UN body, the most obvious impediment to the Palestinians’ bid to criminalize Israel and thus bring about its international isolation is the US’s Security Council veto.

Since the Palestinians first began using the UN to criminalize Israel in the 1970s, it has been the consistent policy of all US administrations to use the Security Council veto to either vote down anti-Israel initiatives or remove them from the agenda by threatening to veto them.

Until now. The cunning Palestinians saw their opportunity in Obama. And they used him to further their agenda of destroying Israel.

Friday’s vote was months in the making and it was clearly inspired by the Obama administration’s own policies.

Since entering office, the president has been outspoken in his view that Jews must be denied their property rights in Jerusalem neighborhoods outside the 1949 armistice lines, and in Judea and Samaria. Obama has repeatedly plunged US-Israel relations into crisis with his unprecedented demand that the Netanyahu government adopt his discriminatory policies and deny Jews the right to their property in these areas.

Obama’s obsession with barring Jewish property rights provided the Palestinians with the opening to undermine US support for Israel at the Security Council. By putting forward a resolution condemning Israel for upholding Jewish property rights, the Palestinians forced Obama to choose between his principles and the US alliance with Israel.

As the Palestinians rightly saw things, the resolution put them in a win-win situation. Had he allowed the resolution to pass, Obama would have given the Palestinians a strategic victory. If he vetoed the resolution, he would be decried as a hypocrite and thus provide the Palestinians with new justification for refusing to participate in US-mediated negotiations with Israel. Since their goal is to delegitimize Israel, the Palestinians have no interest in negotiating a peace deal with its government.

This scenario sends some disturbing messages from the US to the world at large and the Middle East in particular:

First, it signaled that it is deeply unserious.

Second, it signaled to the Palestinians that, while blocked by popular US support for Israel from joining them, the administration supports the PA’s political war against Israel. That is, Obama told the Palestinians to continue this war against Israel.

Third, the administration told Israel – and all its other allies – that in the era of Obama, the US is not a credible ally. Not only does this message weaken America’s allies, it emboldens the likes of Iran and Syria and the Muslim Brotherhood who are increasingly convinced that the US will not stand by its allies in a pinch.

Finally, by standing by as Abbas pushed forward with the resolution despite Obama’s repeatedly stated opposition, the president showed all actors in the region that there is no price to be paid for defying the US. Obama did not announce that he is ending US financial support for Fatah. He did not state that the US is ending its training of the Fatah forces. Instead, he sent Rice before the cameras to tell the world that he agrees with the Palestinians, who just slapped him in the face.

Most Americans wonder how a sitting President can turn his back on Israel, one of America’s staunchest allies. The answer is clear.

The question is why is the administration behaving this way? The obvious answer is that it really does side with the Arabs against Israel. Pushing this view is the fact that since taking office, Obama has been consistently hostile to Israel and its strategic interests.

There is another possible explanation, however: That the administration is simply too incompetent to understand the significance of its actions. This explanation appears increasingly credible in light of the US’s ham-fisted handling of the revolutions raging throughout the Arab world.


And where is the American media on this? Like all things, if it casts their god in a bad light, they won’t touch it.

The Presidential Football Team, in Honor of President’s Day

Each President, complete with draft notes, complements of EDSBS.

Enjoy. 193 days until September 3rd. Not that I’m countin’ or anything like that.

Obama’s Big Stinkers

Sorry for the redundant title. I am cognitively impaired.

Three years at CPAC and I avoided the dreaded sickness. Until now. Still recovering from the CPAC Plague (even Moe Lane has it), so the non-existent posting of the last few days will continue unabated.

In the meantime, feast your eyes on our anti-American President’s anti-American actions the last few days.

Obama meddles in the Wisconsin situation and Speaker Boehner calls him out. Obama’s reelection thugs machine, Organizing For America is a big presence there. More on Wisconsin, and the AWOL legislators later.

Obama slaps Israel, again.

– While we’re back to cutting coupons, less gourmet/more frontier-like dinners and no more eating out, Michelle Obama gets a ski vacation in Vail.

Okay, so that last one was about Marie Antoinette FLOTUS not POTUS. Cut me a break, I’m sick.

See, I Don’t Have a Problem

On the other hand, Stephanie does. She owns enough knitting needles to outfit a third world nation and even has an entire room for her stash.

Nobody ever said I was a knitphomaniac.

Oh wait, someone did today… hhhmmm….

The Story of Penne Obama and How I Became a Restaurant Critic

Last year, you may remember the blogger girl’s night out dinner at CPAC.

This year we decided to make it an annual event. So Fausta, Little Miss Attila, Nice Deb and little ol’ me head out to Woodley Park to plot our plan to take over the world.

We decided on Italian and settled on Pasta Italiana on Connecticut. (I really wish there was a link. They deserve the bad press.) Despite the fine company and funny conversation, this restaurant ranks up there with Monty Python’s review of Australian table wines. It is to be avoided at all cost. The service was ten clicks past horrid. The prices were very high. The food was so-so.

Joy played with her food, during which Debra snapped proof, absolute proof that our President is not the man he claims to be.

It was a great night with great friends, long to be remembered.

Things That Make Me Happy

After the worse winter in this Southerner’s recent memory, this makes me very, VERY happy.

The Obligatory #CPAC11 Purse Dump

Well, I’m back and feebly attempting a recovery.

Equipment wise, I was bit challenged this trip. Finally admitting this year that I may NOT be Superwoman and perhaps may have a few minor physical limitations, I opted for the iPod over the laptop (therefore avoiding the sore shoulder for weeks afterward). Combine that with the dodgy WiFi in the Blogger’s Lounge and you get an idea of my daily frustration. Only managed one actual post from the conference, but boy, was my purse packed with cards and notes, toys and trinkets. Not having to keep an eye on the equipment freed me up to walk around more (ouch, my feet!) and attend more sessions outside the big hall.

I made many new friends and enjoyed reconnecting with old ones. It’s a wonderful thing to put a face with a name. Please note the Blogroll has expanded (those listed with a * are bloggers I’ve personally met).

I was sitting right beside Ed Morrissey when he interviewed Rep. Steve King of Iowa.

Herman Cain wowed the house – “Stupid people are ruining America.”

Jason Pye interviewed Herman in the BL.

Blogger Andrew Ian Dodge announced his candidacy for Senator of Maine, the seat currently occupied by RINO Olympia Snowe. Andrew would make a great Senator and I can’t wait for him to meet Al Franken in the parking lot after session.

The American Conservative Union has new President and Moe Lane got a few minutes of his time. Hopefully, change is in the air.

It was great to put these faces with their blogs – Bruce McQuain of Questions and Observations, Doug Ross @ Journal and Bruce at Gay Patriot.

The “Awakening of the Conservative Woman” panel put on by the Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute was nothing short of outstanding. All the nasties that called Cleta Mitchell names should be sent to Never Expiring Detention. She was delightful, along with the other panelists. It is so refreshing to see women of such varying ages and backgrounds agree that the foundation of this country is the family.

And of course, Stacy McCain was the Cruise Director. His multiple posts each day of the conference (sample: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, a wrap-up of sorts – there’s lots more) show not only how much ground he covered, but his incredible bandwidth when it comes to copious amounts of schmoozing.

One of the highlights of the conference was that this actually happened. No Badge, No Entry, I-Don’t-Care-Who-You-Are. Pure awesome.

People who know me, know I’m pretty camera shy. But I wasn’t shy when this guy stopped by.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. I’m going back to bed now.

UPDATE: Linked by Stacy, who has even more pictures, including Bogie. Sigh…

Maybe AOL Needs a New Name

Brent Bozell, President of the Media Research Center, says AOL has lost it’s mind.

“They must be in such dire straits that they’ve been blinded by the millions and think an acquisition of The Huffington Post is worth sacrificing credibility and objectivity,” Bozell said. “AOL News is fooling only itself in thinking there is no journalistic conflict in merging with a hate-filled, vicious, radically left-wing rag.”

You know one of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s is making bizarre decisions. How fitting that AOL, considered the granddaddy of all the on-line services, should stagger down this path.

They have meds for that, you know.

Hey! Let’s have a name contest for this new marriage made in hell unholy alliance …uh… joint venture. Have at it.

LIVE from #CPAC11

From the BloggersBunker: CPAC never fails to provide learning, entertainment and drama.

Kinda like the Prom, but with spotty WiFi.

The speeches and face-to-face encounters have been encouraging. Remember where we were this time last year? Our butts in the air awaiting the proctoscope better known as Obamacare zeroing in on us? My how a little election can change things.

Plus there’s a rumor that there’s a Sarah Palin look-alike turning heads in the halls somewhere. I wonder if she’ll drop by the bunker…

The Circus that is Georgia Government

Charlie Harper, editor of Peach Pundit, had a great post this week on the need of the Georgia Government being treated to a good soaking in disinfectant. Ethics? Who needs ’em, when the guidelines are so weak my niece could wiggle her way around then in just 10 minutes.

As for me, I’m still waiting on my Excellent European Vacation.

Check out the other postings at Peach Pundit. When you hit a nerve, it means you’re doing your job. Heh.

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