Don’t Need that Walker Yet…

Some days I feel this old. I hope I keep my sense of humor when I am…

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A Most Righteous Rant

dhorwitz3 lets it all hang out at RedState:

While our nation languishes amidst record food and energy prices, unprecedented underemployment (including those excluded from the workforce) and economic stagnation, crippling regulations, and an administration in contempt of two court decisions, the media would rather distract us with the Islamist uprising in Egypt. It is imperative that we keep up the pressure on Obama and the Democrats by denying them the opportunity to preclude our attention from more relevant and ominous domestic problems. On the other hand, there is one salient question that we should excogitate from Obama’s handling of the Egyptian insurgency. If Obama is willing to listen to the protesters of a foreign country due to their grievances from high food and energy prices and an unresponsive government, shouldn’t he accede to the similar demands of his own citizens and resign immediately?

Indeed. Like several of the commenters there, I couldn’t help but think of Mubarak giving that very same speech to Obama and America.

Back at’cha, Buddy O.

As they say, read the whole thing. Daniel nails the facts of the destruction wreaked so far by O’s policies. And we’re just at mid-term.

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