LIVE from #CPAC11

From the BloggersBunker: CPAC never fails to provide learning, entertainment and drama.

Kinda like the Prom, but with spotty WiFi.

The speeches and face-to-face encounters have been encouraging. Remember where we were this time last year? Our butts in the air awaiting the proctoscope better known as Obamacare zeroing in on us? My how a little election can change things.

Plus there’s a rumor that there’s a Sarah Palin look-alike turning heads in the halls somewhere. I wonder if she’ll drop by the bunker…

The Circus that is Georgia Government

Charlie Harper, editor of Peach Pundit, had a great post this week on the need of the Georgia Government being treated to a good soaking in disinfectant. Ethics? Who needs ’em, when the guidelines are so weak my niece could wiggle her way around then in just 10 minutes.

As for me, I’m still waiting on my Excellent European Vacation.

Check out the other postings at Peach Pundit. When you hit a nerve, it means you’re doing your job. Heh.

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