Obama’s Big Stinkers

Sorry for the redundant title. I am cognitively impaired.

Three years at CPAC and I avoided the dreaded sickness. Until now. Still recovering from the CPAC Plague (even Moe Lane has it), so the non-existent posting of the last few days will continue unabated.

In the meantime, feast your eyes on our anti-American President’s anti-American actions the last few days.

Obama meddles in the Wisconsin situation and Speaker Boehner calls him out. Obama’s reelection thugs machine, Organizing For America is a big presence there. More on Wisconsin, and the AWOL legislators later.

Obama slaps Israel, again.

– While we’re back to cutting coupons, less gourmet/more frontier-like dinners and no more eating out, Michelle Obama gets a ski vacation in Vail.

Okay, so that last one was about Marie Antoinette FLOTUS not POTUS. Cut me a break, I’m sick.

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