Couldn’t make this one up if I tried…

(via Teri Christoph on Facebook)

NY State Representative Anthony Weiner wants to remove a nude male statue near Queens Borough Hall and sell it on Craigslist.

I don’t know much about New–York–City. Could this statue perhaps be in the Pickle District?

Quote of the Day

From the excellent exchange of letters between Roger Simon of PJM and Salim Mansur:

…I expressed my fear of how a culture of narcissism (as Christopher Lasch called it) and political correctness (as Allan Bloom laid bare in The Closing of the American Mind) have contributed to the present situation in American politics that you and I deplore. What I implied is that America’s retreat from its role as leader of the West will mean an absence of an effective check to the malady that has brought ruin to the Muslim world, and that this affliction will spread. An isolationist America and a weakened West, its Enlightenment values irreparably corroded, is ominous for everyone who loves freedom.

The first letter is here. Food for thought amongst our crumbling walls.

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