Random Disgustedness on a Beautiful Spring Day

Oh wait, it’s Atlanta. Remember the old saying, “If you don’t like the weather in Atlanta, wait 5 minutes, it’ll change…”

Therefore, I sigh heavily and I daub my watering eyes. Remember, I said spring. Spring, as in everyone’s car is a lovely shade of chartreuse and rivulets of yellow slime fill the streets after an afternoon shower. That spring.

Gerard Vanderleun, everyone’s secret internetz crush, once famously quipped, “I try to become more cynical every day, but lately I just can’t keep up.”

And honey, boy am I having a hard time doing that. Between mob scenes in Wisconsin and girls wearing hankies to extreme government waste and a vaporous President and his whiny AG, where do I begin?

Now a Christian group has taken out an ad (evidently targeting the budget debate) in this week’s Politico asking, “What Would Jesus Cut?” It is signed by 30 national Christian leaders, who all seem to have overlooked one very pivotal point:

In short, Christ had no time for such nonsense. Christ was apolitical and not materialistic.

Too bad the Pharisees forgot that. If I remember correctly, they forgot it back then, as well.

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