Birthday Festivities Continue Apace

Our Wee Highlander, who we now refer to as College Boy Who Needs a Shave, is home for his birthday.

Thanks to the economy, et al., he’s not getting the Mardi Gras parade he’s come to expect as in years past, but just a card and some cash. And his usual favorite chocolate cake.

Our College Girl, who we now refer to as Recent Graduate Without a Gig, should heed to the following two articles and realize that dear ol’ Mom is not as nutzo as she thinks when stressing the fact that yes, her current employment situation is less than ideal, and please keep the icky job you have while you look for another, better, job: (wow… that was a really bad sentence! Sorry Mrs. Wier!)

Long term unemployed now considered “the New Irish”

No unemployed need apply (I wonder if Moe would come and deliver this lecture over my kitchen table. I’ll even cook him dinner. And pie.)

Or, as our friend who graduated this week from US Army OCS at Ft. Benning said, “Embrace the suck.”

Things will get better the next few years, especially if we can get AmericaDestroyer-In-Chief out of office. Otherwise, well… try not to think about how bad it will get.

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