In My Next Life/Job, I Want to be a Restaurant Critic

We’re off for a little R&R, celebrating our 25th anniversary. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we had to change our destination almost at the last minute, so we settled on that Holiest of Holy Spots, Athens, GA.

Why Athens, you ask? You go there a lot. You went to college there. You’ve been to dozens of concerts, games, weddings, funerals, whatnot there. You worked there for a year. It’s close, it’s funky (but not as weird as Austin), and we don’t need a map.

Really, that’s the point. This time we came to do what WE wanted to do, when WE wanted to do it, without chaperoning other students, sitting in game-day traffic, standing in lines for mediocre mass-produced food with 92000 of our best friends, or running to class/band rehearsal/meetings/whatever. Athens on our terms. Plus it’s UGA Spring Break, so the town is very UNcrowded. We have the run of the place.

This afternoon, we checked into the Hotel Indigo, which is Game Day Central for home games. The place is usually so over-run those days I’m surprised the fire marshal doesn’t have a seizure on the spot.

Tonight we dined at 5 & 10, a restaurant I’ve wanted to visit ever since it was recognized by the AJC as the 2007 Restaurant of the Year. Plus those four James Beard nominations for chef/owner Hugh Acheson kept it high on our radar, being the self-anointed foodies we think we are.

For starters we had the crostinis with pimento cheese. Yeah, I admit it, we fought over the last little crust.

Then the lil Lyonnaise salad. I’ve never been a fan poached eggs, but I quickly got over it. Delicious.

Hubster had the special, a flatiron steak with black truffle butter and spinanch/mushroom gratin. I had the crispy flounder with creamy grits, an olive tapenade (I don’t like olives either, but loved this – it tasted almost like guacamole) and grilled chard. Both the steak and fish were cooked perfectly. Absolutely divine.

For dessert, Hubby had cayenne banana ice cream and I had the special, a pineapple tarte with ice cream.

It was a fantastic meal. In fact, it was so good that we decided we’re going back on Friday night to order completely different dishes.

I may have to buy bigger pants on this trip.

Ahhhh, Athens. I am to Athens as Indiana Jones is to Venice.

(Well drat, the clock just rolled over midnight. This post was actually written on 3/16.)

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  1. March 28, 2011 at 6:53 pm

    […] course, there was the pilgrimage (parts I, II, III), plus a big party, being glued to the tube over the tragedy of Japan, then the pre-Easter […]


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