Jason Heyward New Georgia Senate Pro-Tem; Leadership Crisis Averted

Yesterday, Jason Heyward lead the Atlanta Braves to an opening Day win against Washington Nationals with a second inning lead-off homer. During the post-game locker room press conference, Jason was informed he’d been appointed by unanimous vote the new President Pro-Tem of the Georgia Senate. Humbled by the honor, he promised to abstain for partisan political sniping, back-room dealing and to have the mountains of languishing legislation reviewed and passed in time for all the Senators to make the first round in Augusta on Thursday.

Jason saves the day again.

Baseball returns and eases our ravaged souls for a time, until the real salve rolls around in the fall.


April Fools! (But you know, you know, it would work better than the yowling blackhole of blithering ineptitude being exhibited by the current occupants.)

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