Candy Chang – Before I Die

Via Sweet Graduated College Girl’s Facebook page:

Meet Candy Chang, New Orleans artist. This project, Before I Die, brings a whole new twist to your personal Bucket List, doesn’t it?

Go here to see more awe-inspiring pictures. Especially the one with the pirate.

Schadenfreudia – Updated

I’m past the point of wondering why people are so stupid.

First, the frivolous lawsuit about not being black-enough continues to boggle the mind.

Georgia’s ethics laws have more wrinkles than a Shar-pei.

Obama believes Georgia is in play for 2012. I wonder if he’s planting seeds for discontent, similar to the trips he took to Wisconsin prior to the Governor vs Unions melt-down up there. I really don’t trust the fella on anything.

He is also whining that people need to act like adults in regards to the budget crisis and imminent government shutdown. Doesn’t this boil down to when he had the luxury of a Democratic Congress and they declined to pass a budget last year and blew every cent they could get their hands on instead? Shouldn’t that behavior start at the top?

Soldiers don’t count in his eyes. I wonder if the military pilots who shuttle him around on his numerous vacations count. Or the various military guards about the White House, the basketball court, the golf course and the many, many fundraisers; I wonder if they count. I bet they get a waiver and a paycheck.

UPDATE: In my everlasting pinin’ for college football funk, I had these tabbed up and then, well, Schadenfreudia happens.

Don’t ever miss an opportunity to diss the Ol’ Ball Coach. Even when he suspends his Meglomanical QB for the xth time for the xth infraction.

George O’Leary saying cheating is disgraceful. It is. But coming from him, this is downright funny.

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