Breaking Weather Records

I’m not talking about x amount of days of sunshine here.

For those not in Georgia, Kirk Mellish is the meteorologist at WSB Radio. His track record beats most of his peers, in that he’s almost always right. He has a detailed analysis up the storms that hit Georgia Wednesday.

As bad as it was here, our neighbors in Alabama had it worse. To paraphrase Charlie, The National Weather Service deserves a big pat on the back for not only warning early, but accurately. Since the p-rnification of weather shows, we’ve become numbed to weather warnings. While most alerts start out as “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!”, the event usually ends up as a little rain, a little wind, nothing to see. On Wednesday the sky did fall in the South. Their timely and precise predictions saved many, many lives.

Please keep the affected families in your prayers.

(Aside: Many thanks for the concern shown for my son, who is a freshman at Shorter University in Rome, GA. Their campus was hit hard just as finals week was starting. The power was restored last night, and after two days, finals resume today. He is safe and has a new-found appreciation for the breathtaking force of weather.)

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