Memorial Day

Elementary Social Studies

Here’s a question for those of us who really lived That 70’s Show. Step into your way-back machine…

How many remember back in elementary school, during Social Studies, learning about the British monarchy and the near obsession with decorum? I remember learning that all of Queen Elizabeth II’s clothing was custom made. Special attention was paid to modesty in the necklines, sleeves and hemlines. Shoes were designed specially for her that were fashionable, but sturdy enough to keep her from tripping over ancient cobblestones. Hats were fitted so as to not muss the hair, but still stay on the head in London’s well-known blustery days. Tailors even sewed weights into the hems of her dresses so that on windy days, her dress wouldn’t fly up. Like most young girls, I was enthralled by it all.

Now back to the present. Imagine that – after almost sixty years at the helm, the obsession with the image projected not only to her subjects and the world won out. When you see the Queen in any situation, she is perfectly dressed, perfectly groomed, but never causing a distraction from the power of The Crown.

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What Were YOU Doing 35 34* Years Ago Today?

I was at the movies, learning that there was once a galaxy far, far away

(h/t Trog, from whom the picture was gleefully swiped, as well)

* UPDATE: Fixed the title. So I can’t add. I’m a product of Georgia Public Schools.

Which Is Worse?

Giving a reigning monarch an iPod full of your speeches or talking over her own personal anthem? Could it be that he’s jealous? Where’s that court composer when you need him?

What type of host leaves while there’s a guest in the house? Granted, the WH didn’t give the Israeli Prime Minister the Dalai Lama treatment, but Obama was obviously less than pleased that Bibi didn’t just roll over and take the slap he landed for his BFFs, Hamas. But Netanyahu managed something that His Wonness doesn’t seem to be able to attain – a connection and the ability to remind America who we are, where we came from, who our friends are. Maybe it’s because Obama runs with a different crowd. Even his own party is beginning to turn on him. This “new” Israel policy foolishness may be the change of the tide, where those who drank the kool-aid begin to see what we’ve seen all along.

Yesterday was the perfect juxtaposition of two leaders – one a studied statesman, one a vain politician.

Add to that the high marks received by Bibi Netanyahu for his speech to Congress, WrongDateGate and The Obumbler has had a less than stellar week. Or as Gerard quips, “Now the scar on the side of his head begins to make sense.”

Quote of the Day

Mark Steyn on Obama’s speech about himself Israel:

Well, at a certain level, it was filled with the usual narcissism. He said that America had failed to speak to the broader aspirations of people in the Middle East, and that’s why two years ago in Cairo, “I began to broaden our engagement.” I was interested to see the result of that. In 2008, which you’ll recall was the last year of the Bush, Texas cowboy terror, 83% of Arabs had a very or somewhat negative view of the United States. By 2010, which was the second year of the Obama broaden engagement approach, 85% had a very or somewhat negative view. So much for the outreach. The fact is that this narcissistic buffoon gave this speech that placed himself front and center of developments in the Middle East. And in fact, the United States, for the first time in 70 years, is utterly irrelevant to what’s going on in the Middle East.

You’ve Been Newted

(via PeachPundit)

…it was with great interest that I absorbed the news of Wednesday afternoon’s press statement from the nascent Gingrich campaign, wherein our stalwart protagonist was depicted as fighting trigger-happy sheep, so we wouldn’t have to fight them here. Maybe? Who knows. My point is, this was the finest and most engaging piece of writing I’ve yet read. Imagine Keats, if Keats had punched out Yeats (who would in turn kick Hardy in the shins), and then high-fived James Madison. (Who would, in turn, write down “punching Keats” as his first Amendment.) (Or more like fist Amendment!)

So without further ado… Official Campaign Press Statements In Graphic Novel Form.

See, this election is gonna be fun after all.


This will really perk up your day!

Waivers for Left Coast Nan, No Waivers for the rest of us

Coming up for air long enough to express my shock, yes, my shock, that nearly 20% of new Obamacare waivers granted are in Nancy Pelosi’s district.

Remember who WON, and how they’ve acted out ever since.

Slightly Famous, Once Removed: The One-Up

My CPAC buddy Sean Hackbarth, called my Slightly Famous, and raised me a NYT Row Behind.

“The President’s ‘persistent hesitation to act’”

We’ve seen this picture quite a bit the last week, but take a good, long look at it.

Notice the President’s clothing? His position in the room? The look on his face?

AJ Strata is piecing together the actual narrative leading up to the mission to get OBL. Read the whole thing, it’s fascinating. It shows what we’ve suspected for a long time: Obama is indecisive, politics trump national security, and Valarie Jarrett wears the pants in the White House.

Now about that photo [emphasis mine]:

Finally, I could not help but note President Obama was not very jovial or upbeat over this news. His Sunday night press conference oozed tension and stress. There was no sign of celebration, no smile. Even the photo of President Obama straight off the golf course watching the raid in real time seems to indicate someone anxious and unhappy, not resolute and confident.

Heck, the President is not even sitting at the head of the table, supposedly in charge. He is on the sideline!

If the President had truly given the “Go” order 48 hours earlier, why was he on the golf course? What I suspected then (and subsequently confirmed by AJ’s post) was he was overruled by a frustrated intelligence and military operation that could literally taste how close they were to getting OBL. After months of stalling and delays, the President was only brought into the loop after the mission had commenced.

The truth of a paralyzed and impotent White House that could not bring itself to take out the world’s most notorious terrorist and mass murderer of Americans sitting still, like a fish at the bottom of a dry barrel. Pathetic.

This whole affair is far from over.

Jarrett and Obama DID try and stop the raid on Osama Bin Laden. If proven, the President’s career is over.

What Obama takes credit for and believes will sweep him back for four more years will be his ultimate undoing.
Heck, the White House can’t even do a victory lap without stumbling.

Slightly Famous, Once Removed

You guys know I write other places, right? Well, a little post I’d written Thursday over at Peach Pundit got some local TV attention during last night’s 7pm broadcast. Doug Richards of WXIA caught up with PP editor Charlie Harper at his local favorite burger dive (note the “Home of the Ghetto Burger” sign behind him), Ann’s Snack Shack, for a statement about Newt Gingrich’s new campaign HQ.

Double props to Charlie for the appropriately red UGA shirt on Friday and generally having to put up with me.

Who knew the written yawn could elicit such response?

(Aside: Doug Richards also blogs about the sometimes hilarious news business at live apartment fire. If you’ve ever watched local news in Atlanta, you get the title.)

UPDATE: Stacy picked up the story then got an Instalanche. Maybe I’ll get some of the ripple effect…

Spike in the Endzone for ME, but not for THEE – Updated

How many times can the White House alter the story of bin Laden’s demise? It’s becoming more and more like the boy who cried wolf. After a while, no one believes him. Oh wait…

Professor Jacobson has a most excellent post on the years of work involved with tracking and subsequently removing OBL.

One of the collateral benefits of the killing of bin Laden is that more facts are coming out, and those facts debunk the malicious mythology which has been spread by the mainstream media and Democratic Party politicians and pundits about George W. Bush and the hunt for Osama bin Laden.

Obama may be taking the credit for the “gutsy move” in his mind, and in his minion media’s mind, but in reality, with the intelligence in hand, we’d all make the same decision, probably without sleeping on it. For sixteen hours he mulled his options (or consulted his secret cabal on the personal and political fallout).

But the president stunned officials when he told a national security meeting that he wanted more time to think – and disappeared out of the room.

‘I’m not going to tell you what my decision is now – I’m going to go back and think about it some more,’ said Obama, according to the New York Times. He then added ‘I’m going to make a decision soon.’

The head of the CIA and other senior intelligence officers who were keen to proceed were left tense as they waited for the president’s decision.

But the next morning after 16 hours, Obama summoned four top aides to the White House Diplomatic Room. Before they could speak, the president put his fist on the table and declared ‘It’s a go’.

Touchy, Aren’t We?

According to the Daily Caller,

In an email to The Daily Caller, Gina Channell-Allen, president of the Pleasanton Weekly in Pleasanton, California, said that her paper “received a call from the White House asking us to take out part of the story because it reflected poorly on the First Lady.”

Of course, the White House denies it. They deny everything.

Allahpundit notes that if the WH had ignored it, so would most of the rest of the country, even in this Googliest of ages. But noooo, they asked for a retraction and now the news is spreading.

The weirdest part of this, of course, is that the WH ended up increasing the odds that the story would get picked up by bigger media when it decided to contact the publisher to complain. She was probably shocked to find that someone so high up was paying attention to a small paper 3,000 miles away and was itching to tell someone about it. And in fact, according to Daily Caller reporter Mike Riggs, she volunteered the info to the DC after reading their story about the latest White House tantrum over its press coverage. So why’d they go ahead and tip her off that her paper’s story had irked them? The answer, I assume, is that they’ve become highly attuned to how modern media, especially online media, gets its content. I’ve never heard of the Pleasanton Weekly and doubt we’ve ever received a tip about one of its stories, but it turns out that its articles are searchable on Google News. Presumably the White House feared that some blogger or bored Politico beat reporter would be searching “Michelle Obama” for unrelated reasons and end up stumbling across the item about Marine One. Before you know it, shazam — a new “FLOTUS is an elitist!” news bubble floats into the media mainstream. In fact, I’m sure that’s how the White House found the article too, doing some daily news crawl of “Michelle Obama” items on Google or Lexis or whatever.

We don’t need any new “news” story to tell America what it already knows.

Joy Tinged With Sadness

Yesterday, with the news of bin Laden’s demise, I couldn’t help but remember those who were lost at his hands. True, he was responsible for the deaths of thousands of people worldwide, even those of his own race and creed, but my thoughts centered on those killed on 9/11/2001.

Roswell Patch contacted me about the Michael Gann tribute I’d written in 2009 as part of the 2996 Project. Christine Foster’s article is a sweet remembrance.

If even for a short while, again, we have that 9/12 mindset. Neither conservative or liberal, Democrat or Republican, we are Americans first. We embrace those who lost loved ones to terrorist attacks, as a loving mother cuddles and reassures an injured child. After all, we all lost that day.

Justice has been served. God Bless America.

Ding, Dong, The Wicked Murderer is Dead

Still waiting on The Won. He called a presser at 10:30. It’s now 10:59. How can you expect someone who never held a real job to be punctual for anything.

Regardless, the internetz is all over it. OSAMA BIN LADEN IS DEAD.

Here’s a start. I’ll link more… if I can stay awake. This afternoon I made the first carload from Rome to home and I’m pooped.

First thought: I’d love to see the look on former President George W. Bush’s face right now.

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