Slightly Famous, Once Removed

You guys know I write other places, right? Well, a little post I’d written Thursday over at Peach Pundit got some local TV attention during last night’s 7pm broadcast. Doug Richards of WXIA caught up with PP editor Charlie Harper at his local favorite burger dive (note the “Home of the Ghetto Burger” sign behind him), Ann’s Snack Shack, for a statement about Newt Gingrich’s new campaign HQ.

Double props to Charlie for the appropriately red UGA shirt on Friday and generally having to put up with me.

Who knew the written yawn could elicit such response?

(Aside: Doug Richards also blogs about the sometimes hilarious news business at live apartment fire. If you’ve ever watched local news in Atlanta, you get the title.)

UPDATE: Stacy picked up the story then got an Instalanche. Maybe I’ll get some of the ripple effect…

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