“The President’s ‘persistent hesitation to act’”

We’ve seen this picture quite a bit the last week, but take a good, long look at it.

Notice the President’s clothing? His position in the room? The look on his face?

AJ Strata is piecing together the actual narrative leading up to the mission to get OBL. Read the whole thing, it’s fascinating. It shows what we’ve suspected for a long time: Obama is indecisive, politics trump national security, and Valarie Jarrett wears the pants in the White House.

Now about that photo [emphasis mine]:

Finally, I could not help but note President Obama was not very jovial or upbeat over this news. His Sunday night press conference oozed tension and stress. There was no sign of celebration, no smile. Even the photo of President Obama straight off the golf course watching the raid in real time seems to indicate someone anxious and unhappy, not resolute and confident.

Heck, the President is not even sitting at the head of the table, supposedly in charge. He is on the sideline!

If the President had truly given the “Go” order 48 hours earlier, why was he on the golf course? What I suspected then (and subsequently confirmed by AJ’s post) was he was overruled by a frustrated intelligence and military operation that could literally taste how close they were to getting OBL. After months of stalling and delays, the President was only brought into the loop after the mission had commenced.

The truth of a paralyzed and impotent White House that could not bring itself to take out the world’s most notorious terrorist and mass murderer of Americans sitting still, like a fish at the bottom of a dry barrel. Pathetic.

This whole affair is far from over.

Jarrett and Obama DID try and stop the raid on Osama Bin Laden. If proven, the President’s career is over.

What Obama takes credit for and believes will sweep him back for four more years will be his ultimate undoing.
Heck, the White House can’t even do a victory lap without stumbling.

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