Elementary Social Studies

Here’s a question for those of us who really lived That 70’s Show. Step into your way-back machine…

How many remember back in elementary school, during Social Studies, learning about the British monarchy and the near obsession with decorum? I remember learning that all of Queen Elizabeth II’s clothing was custom made. Special attention was paid to modesty in the necklines, sleeves and hemlines. Shoes were designed specially for her that were fashionable, but sturdy enough to keep her from tripping over ancient cobblestones. Hats were fitted so as to not muss the hair, but still stay on the head in London’s well-known blustery days. Tailors even sewed weights into the hems of her dresses so that on windy days, her dress wouldn’t fly up. Like most young girls, I was enthralled by it all.

Now back to the present. Imagine that – after almost sixty years at the helm, the obsession with the image projected not only to her subjects and the world won out. When you see the Queen in any situation, she is perfectly dressed, perfectly groomed, but never causing a distraction from the power of The Crown.

FLOTUS Michelle Obama, not so much. She didn’t even bother to wear hosiery for her visit to Buckingham Palace. At least she wore a slip, which all the world can now see.

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  1. May 30, 2011 at 11:33 am

    The Obamas truly are as classless as they are tasteless, they are a total disgraceful embarrassment.

  2. June 5, 2011 at 9:14 pm

    These are the kind of people who chew gum at a memorial service–clueless clowns who have not evolved to the level of being able to respect anything or anyone.

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