Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right, Here I am

Stuck in the middle with you…

Dang. Just Daaaayhng. Has the utter stupidity of it all got you howling at the moon? Merciful Lord, deliver me from fools and politicians!

After being out the particle beam of the 24/7 news cycle for a while, sticking my toe back in feels like it’s been burned off by acid.

Khaatim El resigns from the Atlanta School Board and weeps because he let the poor kids of the district down. How about the rest of the children there, sport?

“Imagine how much more money I’d have today if only the government had acted sooner!”

Sen. Mitch McConnell
has lost his ever-lovin mind.

The President, in FMJ re-election mode, just jumped ahead of the pack and used Grandma for a human shield against the meany GOP that want to save this country. If he can’t win the budget battle on his own, then hey, let’s scare the pants off every senior in America. He thinks it’s a win-win – he thwarts the evil GOP and ensures the senior vote in 2012. Hrumph. Too bad the people who actually understand economic policy say he’s wrong. His lying is beginning to border on the pathological. He’s becoming as easy to read as the schoolyard bully. And equally as prickly with the press. Every other President had to answer unscripted questions. I wonder at what point he will have played more golf than every other President… combined.

In unannounced candidate news, God must like Chris Christie, because if you bad-mouth him you might be struck by lightning and if you show any interest at all in 19th century American history, well, you just might be a bigot and a racist, subject to scorn and ridicule and certainly not fit for The Oval Office.

Heh. So does that mean, since I wore a hoop-skirt and gave tours of an antebellum home in my historically significant little home town during my youth, visited sutler camps and reenactments, gave living history demonstrations and sang songs around a campfire with a Union man in shackles playing guitar while my baby-girl (in the most adorable miniature Zouave jacket ever) slept in the bunk behind me, I can never aspire to higher office? Ever?

“Those who are unaware of history are destined to repeat it.” – George Santayana

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