Hey, Douglas County Sentinel: Spell-check is your friend

(Disclaimer: I make my own share of typos, but at least I proof-read before I post. This is just plain embarrassing!)

Douglas County DA David McDade continues to investigate the “changing party” held in the county that is part of the tangled web of APS deceit.

After reading the article, however, one can’t help but wonder if the bigger crime is that the Douglas County Sentinel doesn’t have a spell-checker.

[sic] The Atlanta Public Schools test cheating investigation’s Douglas County cponnection is gettiung an even closer look, as Douglas County District Attorney David McDade looks for any activity that could be subject to prosecution.

McDade has been going through the 120 volumes of a Georgia Bureau of Investigation report as well as the 800-page internal investigation report ordered by the office of Gov. Nathan Deal. He knows that the five Atlanta Public Schools employees met in the Douglas County home of […] to have a “changing party” in which they allegedly used answer sheets provided by a school official to change students’ answers on standardized tests after exams had been turned in.

Those employees of Gideons Elementary have been given immunity from prosecution in exchange for their cooperation in the investigation, but McDade says he is seeing if their supervisors are guilty of any crime.

“We have scheduled interviews with those five individuals and have been in contact with their attortneys,” McDade said. “The first of those interviews will happen on Monday.”

He said while those at the “party” may not face charges, he wants to see what precipitated the actions.

“We hope to determine whether or not there is any evidence that anyone with any supervisory poower over these teachers have any crtiminal liability. Just knowing about it isn’t criminal, but if they in some way suggested it or directed it – that could be a different matter.”

Ouch. Don’t believe me? Screenshot after the fold…

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  1. Jenny Ray said,

    July 15, 2011 at 1:39 pm

    I can’t stand the Sentinel. We notice mistakes all the time. I don’t have a degree in English or Journalism, but sometimes I think I could do a better job at proofing the paper than the current staff do. Just saying. 😛


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