So that’s why I’m always pulled out of line for “extra screening”…

I always thought it was the TSA racially-profiling fifth-generation Irish middle-aged lasses. The blue eyes, auburn hair and freckles give me away every time.

Now Joe Biden tells me the real reason. Basically anyone who disagrees with the current administration is a terrorist.

Sometimes Joe is pretty funny. This time, not so much. There must be some crazy stuff in the water up there in DC land, because even the nuts are nuttier.

Elizabeth scolds Joe appropriately, as only an Irish mother can do. That’s gonna leave a mark.

…Vice-President Joe Biden, veteran legislator, onetime plagiarist, calls his fellow countrymen — mere political opposites — “terrorists.” His fellow-democrats who are also throwing the word around are miscreants, political opportunists or the most insensitive of idiots.

But Biden is the Veep. He’s supposed to be competent to fill the Office of the President in a moment of crisis. And he is comparing his countrymen to the sort of people we send Navy SEALS to kill.

Is he that vile, or just stupid?

RTWT. Our government at work.

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