Crazy Eyes, What to Pack and What Does Obama Do When Faced With The Downgrade

Michelle Malkin has an excellent piece on the media’s treatment of conservatives, especially when it comes to which photos are published with their hit pieces articles.

“Crazy Eyes” actually was a nickname of mine, way back in college, when I was young, carefree and well, popular with the boys. It was bestowed by a stoner Grad Assistant, who would always show up to Redcoat rehearsals in dark sunglasses and that silly smirk everyone in my generation understands. He’d follow me around until Teske would start yelling from the tower. Secretly I was always flattered, in that awkward collegiate way that you feel when some drunk falls on you on Clayton Street, proclaims that you are the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen, then throws up on your shoes. Ahhh, Athens. Contact lenses the color of swimming pools helped. Alas, Lasik has restored my vision, and the eyes are icy blue now, not a shade that would have felt right at home on Miami Vice (the real one, stupid). I miss those comments.

This weekend I will be attending the RedState gathering in Charleston, SC. Where something magical may happen. What does one wear, exactly, to such a momentous event?

I wish Fred Thompson would be there. Fred gets the prize for best quote on Obama’s devotion to righting the ship of America on his watch:

The S & P downgrades our debt, and now Obama’s out golfing again.

That’s our president – always working on getting lower scores.

Now admit, just for a second you thought, “Where would we be if Fred was in the Oval Office?” Admit it.

Yeah, anything’s better than this mess.

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