Quote of the Day

When I want to cheer myself up, I head over to Yarn Harlot. There is hardly a chance of discussion of politics or policy or stupid politicians. Just yarn and knitted, yummy things way past my pay grade and stories of rooms full of people with sharp, pointy objects and lots of funny snark. Lately, we (meaning myself and Former College Girl Who Has a Gig Now) have been churning out baby things for friends having their first babies.

Stephanie is doing the same, but for a friend whose very late baby refuses to relinquish the pool (grumpy pregnant person joke – I was one of those a couple of times).

She warns against looking too much at Itty-Bitty Hats

…a book so chock full of extreme cuteness that it can give you an ovarian cramp just flipping though it. I recommend only occasional exposure.

Now she tells me…. ouch!

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