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While I don’t have any personal ink, or plan to obtain the same anytime soon, I must admit this is a pretty cool tattoo.

Scott in Seattle

Second Verse, Same As The First

Well, after a week of non-planned-mental-absence, nothing much has changed. While I gather what is left of my thoughts, amuse yourself with the following:

Eric Holder hasn’t quit, yet.

The Herman Cain smears have started, right on schedule.

Our beloved Gerard has pulled a Lazarus on us. Thankfully, according to insider reports, he is mending nicely and will be back to his fully-operational Death Star status soon.

“Every writer is unique, both in thievery… and in execution.”

24-20. Heh. Gators eat boogers.

An uncle explains redistribution of wealth to his nephew.

Libya’s New Government

…will be in compliance with Sharia law. How “unexpected.”

“God Talks Like Us”

Today would have been Lewis Grizzard’s 65th birthday. Read my tribute over at PeachPundit.

We miss you Lewis, more than you could ever imagine.

That Debate Thang

Last night’s debate was certainly more entertaining than all the previous ones. Plus, Stacy and Crew are having way too much fun.

While there are lots of armchair pundits weighing on what who said when and how and why it matters, Sunshine State Sarah has the most entertaining round-up, complete with visual aids. (h/t Da Tech Guy)

What did I think? In a nutshell, Perry did better (still not thrilled), Herman survived the second pile-on, Santorum and Bachmann need to just go home. Newt continues to prove he is the smartest guy in the room, electable or not. I’m curious if his polling numbers will go up. I especially liked his answer to the Latino gentleman’s question and about whether a candidate’s faith should factor into a voter’s choice.

COOPER: Speaker Gingrich, you agree with that? [Cooper had asked Santorum, “Should voters pay attention to a candidate’s religion?”]

GINGRICH: Well, I think if the question is, does faith matter? Absolutely. How can you have a country which is founded on truths which begins we are endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights? How can you have the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 which says religion, morality and knowledge being important, education matters. That’s the order: religion, morality and knowledge.

Now, I happen to think that none of us should rush in judgment of others in the way in which they approach God. And I think that all of us up here I believe would agree. (APPLAUSE)

But I think all of us would also agree that there’s a very central part of your faith in how you approach public life. And I, frankly, would be really worried if somebody assured me that nothing in their faith would affect their judgments, because then I’d wonder, where’s your judgment — how can you have judgment if you have no faith? And how can I trust you with power if you don’t pray?


Who you pray to, how you pray, how you come close to God is between you and God. But the notion that you’re endowed by your creator sets a certain boundary on what we mean by America.

Yes, I know I dismissed Newt early on, but this is just so much fun to watch. He has nothing to lose so he is able to keep his cool and score some points with his well-thought out answers.

Oh, I forgot to mention Romney. I think he’s going for that Don Draper mussed look…

USMC Lance Corporal Scott Harper to be brought home Thursday

Wes Tallon, Director/Public Information Officer of the Douglas County Board of Commissioners, shares this information on LCpl. Scott Harper’s homecoming:

U. S. Marine Lance Corporal Scott Daniel Harper, age 21, of Winston, Douglas County, Georgia, was killed in action in Afghanistan on Thursday, October 13th, 2011. He will be brought home by his beloved Marine Corps on Thursday, October 20th.

He was killed while conducting combat operations in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. He was assigned to the 1st Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force, out of Camp LeJune, North Carolina.

[…] Lance Corporal Harper was a 2008 graduate of Alexander High School in Douglas County where he was a member of the golf team and JROTC. He was proud to be an infantryman serving his Country. He not only loved his Country, but also loved his family, his community, hunting, fishing and playing his guitar.

The route and times of the honor guard procession were released today:

U. S. Marine Lance Corporal Scott Daniel Harper will be brought home by his beloved Marine Corps on Thursday, October 20th.

Lance Corporal Harper, accompanied by members of the Marine Corps and his family, will land at Fulton County Airport/Charlie Brown Field Thursday morning, October 20th. A Marine Corps Honor Guard will escort Lance Corporal Harper off the plane. A procession will leave the airport at 11:30 a.m. to bring him to Douglas County.

The processional route will be as follows. Times are estimated and the motorcade could be 10 minutes on either side of the stated time based on traffic flow, motorcade speed and other factors.

11:30 AM – Processional/Motorcade Leaves Fulton County Airport
11:32 AM – Fulton Industrial Boulevard/Mableton Parkway heading northwest
11:42 AM – Mableton Parkway/Bankhead Highway heading west
11:45 AM – Chattahoochee Tech, Bankhead Highway
11:48 AM – Downtown Austell Business District
11:51 AM – Thornton Road/Bankhead Highway
11:53 AM – Annette Winn Elementary School (where Scott started in the first grade)
11:54 AM – Downtown Lithia Springs
11:56 AM – AMVETS Post 118 (Veterans’ salute)
12:00 PM – GreyStone Power Corporation
12:05 PM – Fairburn Road/Bankhead Highway, turn south one block, then west on Church Street
12:06 PM – Downtown Douglasville Business District
12:15 PM – Processional/Motorcade Arrives at Whitley-Garner at Rosehaven Funeral Home

The Public is invited and encouraged to salute the service of Lance Corporal Harper along the processional route.

Semper Fidelis.

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Morons. That Is All.

Swiped from Trog, who, by the way, is not a moron.

In honor of the #OccupyAShowerPlz crowds across the nation:

You are a moron. That is all.

Yearning for the Mud

I have driving music. I assume everyone does. Don’t give me opera, or Broadway or gospel quartets. I’ll either doze off or my fillings will fall out. I need loudness. Lovely, familiar loudness.

Therefore, last week as we tootled down the interstate to vacation nirvana, the car speakers nearly melted with their periodic dose of Boston, Buffett, Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Eagles. Hotel California and Life in the Fast Lane.

They knew all the right people, they took all the right pills.
They threw outrageous parties, they paid heavenly bills.
There were lines on the mirror, lines on her face.
She pretended not to notice, she was caught up in the race.

As the south Georgia exits flew by, my thoughts drifted toward politics and Our Current Unpleasantness. How were we to know that Messrs. Walsh, Henley and Frey were clairvoyant?

Today I discover Gerard is thinking the same.

The French have an idiomatic phrase“nostalgie pour la boue” –which means, roughly, “the yearning for the mud.” This compulsive “yearning” is something that seems to invariably come over people whose lives have veered into the fast lane of the secular life; a life without spirit, or, at best, a phony “spiritualism” such as yoga or transcendental meditation. In France they play with “nostalgie pour la boue” as a kind of minor amateur dabbling in the degrading. In America, where anything worth doing is worth overdoing, many who yearn to emulate the French have gone pro.

[…] Down in the mud of the All-American perverts’ daisy chain there’s a lot of cross-over between celebrity culture and media culture. Indeed, at a lot of levels, it is becoming hard to tell them apart. Both factions live, for the most part, in an insulated bubble of blather that is impervious to personal moral, psychological, spiritual, or political change; one that ruthlessly exacts the penalty of shunning and expulsion from the bubble in the event of any sudden shifts and heresies from any accepted inhabitant. Like junkies in all ages, once the ideological needle goes in, it never comes out.

[…] Nostalgie pour la defaite [“yearning for defeat”] is that state of the flattened soul when an American, who either came of age in the Vietnam era, or who was taught and mentored by many leftists or liberals of that vintage, yearns for the defeat of America, and acts accordingly in word and deed.

This compulsion is now not only required to keep their residency in their subcultures, but to keep their status in the same as well. The more virulent their articulations of hate of America, the more shrill their calls for the death of host that sustains their parasitic existences, the higher their regard by their peers. Neither children nor even infants are safe from their depravities.

Nostalgie pour la defaite is a perverted form of “confirmation bias.” In a way, joining this group is like joining a gang — once you’re in, getting out is not an option unless you seek social and political death. Once articulated, this ideological state is then seen as confirmation that his or her world view — and that of their social milieu — is the correct view and correct milieu. To operate otherwise would throw not only all the progressive views, assertions, and actions of the last thirty years of diseased progressive politics and sham social theory into question, but the entire structure of the afflicted personality as well. It is not just life in the fast lane but life inside the lie.

Ooooooo. Do read the rest. It gets better. It always does.

How does Gerard do it? Maybe he’s hidden a secret chip in my brain, or something.

Disgraceful Lawrence O’Donnell – UPDATED

This interview of Herman Cain by MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell rockets past the offensive mark to the point of “WTH?” Listen to the entire thing there, I can’t embed it here. That free WordPress stuff, still.

Honestly, would O’Donnell have interviewed BHO the same way in 2008? No way; he was too busy licking O’s boots while sticking pins in Sarah Palin dolls, like the rest of the MSM.

If the media hates Cain this vehemently, then that’s a sure sign to the voters that he’d make a good President. At this point, my fifteen year old arthritic and half-blind Shih Tzu would make a better President than the current one (no offense meant to Herman, either, so don’t even go there.)

UPDATE: Here’s another shameful baiting of Herman by CNN’s Candy Crowley. He really has set the talking heads back on their heels!

UPDATE II: Both Stacy and Smitty weigh in on our betters. Ed Driscoll has a good round-up, including an ad for paid protesters for #OccupyWhatever. Yep. Paid protesters.

Ray Stevens and The President

h/t Gerard

I’m sure his Mama is really proud of him right now…

(h/t Get the Picture)

Those watching the UGA/Mississippi State game Saturday saw the MSU team run out on the field and stomp on the big G at the fifty yard line. Stellar sportsmanship on display before the first whistle even blew. What those of us watching on TV didn’t see was MSU DB Nickoe Whitley taking a whiz on The Hedge. Public urination, no less. As most UGA frosh know, in Athens, that’ll get you arrested pretty quick.

Photographic proof after the break, if you can stand it. Read the rest of this entry »


…after a wonderful weekend away. A little disappointed, though, I didn’t snag a sighting of the Iranian Navy. I did see an abundance of shrimp boats, of which I consumed mass quantities of their wares. Nothing like fresh shrimp cooked in a beach house. Yum, yum!

Many things happened while I was away, so let’s dive in, shall we?

Our Imperial Government is pushing it’s way into religious matters, much to the detriment of all. What atheists don’t get is that while they may be cheering for some type of regulation of religious practices, the time will come when they feel government’s hot breath on their necks. The Anchoress notes:

This is not, as someone rather snottily mischaracterized it in another combox, about the loss of a “religious entitlement” — this is about the destruction of a fundamental (and founding) right within our constitution.

If this administration is not stopped, this assault will not affect only Catholics. This will create a precedent that is going to affect all believers, all religions.

The Leftist Media Machine tries to macaca candidate Rick Perry about some rock, that was painted and turned over years ago, on some property his family is somehow connected to. Must have been a slow news weekend.

However, photos have surfaced of Barack Obama, prior to his election, campaigning with Black Panthers in Selma, AL. But, of course, the White House Mouthpieces will never even notice it. Nothing to see here, move along, move along.

Here’s a guy with time on his hands. Personally, I like Clint, Bruce and of course, Patrick (although he does look a touch too benevolent).

And then we come to the game. What? You think just because I was at a beautiful beach house at my favorite beach in the whole, mostest widest world, I’d miss the game? UGA beat Mississippi State on a glorious fall afternoon. For just a minute, I had that feeling that the Junkyard Dawgs were back to stay. The Senator felt it as well:

I can’t pinpoint the exact moment for you, but at some time during the second quarter, I noticed the return of a curious sensation. I found myself anticipating the defense getting back on the field. It’s been a long time since I felt that way. Damn, have I missed that.

I’m not giving in to any illusions of greatness, but I will admit that the element of hope has crept its way back into my withered heart. After what we’ve suffered through in the previous two seasons, that’s as good a place as any to start.

General Geekery

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