I’m sure his Mama is really proud of him right now…

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Those watching the UGA/Mississippi State game Saturday saw the MSU team run out on the field and stomp on the big G at the fifty yard line. Stellar sportsmanship on display before the first whistle even blew. What those of us watching on TV didn’t see was MSU DB Nickoe Whitley taking a whiz on The Hedge. Public urination, no less. As most UGA frosh know, in Athens, that’ll get you arrested pretty quick.

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…after a wonderful weekend away. A little disappointed, though, I didn’t snag a sighting of the Iranian Navy. I did see an abundance of shrimp boats, of which I consumed mass quantities of their wares. Nothing like fresh shrimp cooked in a beach house. Yum, yum!

Many things happened while I was away, so let’s dive in, shall we?

Our Imperial Government is pushing it’s way into religious matters, much to the detriment of all. What atheists don’t get is that while they may be cheering for some type of regulation of religious practices, the time will come when they feel government’s hot breath on their necks. The Anchoress notes:

This is not, as someone rather snottily mischaracterized it in another combox, about the loss of a “religious entitlement” — this is about the destruction of a fundamental (and founding) right within our constitution.

If this administration is not stopped, this assault will not affect only Catholics. This will create a precedent that is going to affect all believers, all religions.

The Leftist Media Machine tries to macaca candidate Rick Perry about some rock, that was painted and turned over years ago, on some property his family is somehow connected to. Must have been a slow news weekend.

However, photos have surfaced of Barack Obama, prior to his election, campaigning with Black Panthers in Selma, AL. But, of course, the White House Mouthpieces will never even notice it. Nothing to see here, move along, move along.

Here’s a guy with time on his hands. Personally, I like Clint, Bruce and of course, Patrick (although he does look a touch too benevolent).

And then we come to the game. What? You think just because I was at a beautiful beach house at my favorite beach in the whole, mostest widest world, I’d miss the game? UGA beat Mississippi State on a glorious fall afternoon. For just a minute, I had that feeling that the Junkyard Dawgs were back to stay. The Senator felt it as well:

I can’t pinpoint the exact moment for you, but at some time during the second quarter, I noticed the return of a curious sensation. I found myself anticipating the defense getting back on the field. It’s been a long time since I felt that way. Damn, have I missed that.

I’m not giving in to any illusions of greatness, but I will admit that the element of hope has crept its way back into my withered heart. After what we’ve suffered through in the previous two seasons, that’s as good a place as any to start.

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