A Baby’s Smile is the Sweetest Thing on Earth

Especially when that baby is wrapped/wearing/spitting-up-on something hand-made with love.

Behold, The World’s Youngest Blogger, wrapped in a blankie knitted by your’s truly. See how happy he is, how snugglicious, how undeniably adorable with his little dimples and impish look. What a bright future he has, learning his trade beside one of the best in the bloggizoneysphere.

I tell you, The Force is strong is that one.

Herman and Newt at The Woodlands

Saturday evening, while most of the nation watched the National Championship game Tide lose to LSU, Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich had a sit down debate north of Houston, Texas.

You can watch it here. You’ll learn loads about the issues facing the nation and likely will never watch another network sponsored cat-fight again.

Cap’n Ed liked it as well. I mean, who wouldn’t? (Libs need not reply.)

This could set a standard for debates in the future, but only if Republican voters demand to see the other candidates in similar forum models. I’d love to see Rick Santorum and Ron Paul debate foreign policy, for instance, or Mitt Romney and Rick Perry debate economic policy, for 90 minutes with no moderators and no media needling. That would produce real choices for voters, and strip away the gotcha strategies to find out which candidates have substance and which have really good tailors.

Now faithful readers here (and at PP) will remember that I’ve mocked and poked Newt with a stick more than once. I am an adult (despite what my children say) and able to take my nuggies with the best of them. Newt deserves another look.

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