The 2011 Fab Fifty

Doug Ross has picked his Fabulous 50 Blogs for 2011. Alas, I am not listed (there’s always next year!), but my pal Fausta was named Best Latin American Coverage. Woot!

2011: Don’t Let the Screen Door Hit You on the Way Out

I don’t know about you, but 2011 was not a stellar year here at the little praxeum. So I’m not mourning the passing of this sad, disappointing year; neither am I looking at 2012 with hysterical dread like some.

(On a personal note: Dear MIL come home from hospital yesterday. Heartfelt thanks for the many prayers and words of encouragement during her illness. We spent the first few hours of her freedom celebrating the wonderful non-hospital food at OK Cafe. Also, if Piedmont would kindly forward the address of the manufacturer of the concrete hospital beds they use, I would like to, ahem, write them a letter.)

I had planned some sprucing up around the blog over the holidays, but since the black hole of hospitalling ate our Christmas whole, well, it just didn’t happen. Maybe by spring break. Charlie would not call that a SMART goal. Heh.

I have no resolutions. I have no predictions, except for maybe one. 2012 is going to be one helluva roller-coaster ride. I don’t even know where to begin.

SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act, H.R. 3261) will consume our entire bandwidth, if Obama doesn’t just kill the switch altogether. More here, here, and here. The OPEN Act is a more workable alternative, but here’s two bucks saying you’ll never hear about it through the state run media. In typical fashion, our overlords are trying to push this through while the general public is distracted by the holidays.

If only the GOP would stop bickering and focus on Obama’s multitude of failures, at least the presidential portion of this election would be a breeze. Across the pond, Obama is being compared to Hoover and considered a cog in the general decline of world stability. In fact, many historians are comparing the the last decade or so to the 1930’s. I did that back in 2006. I wish more than two people read this blog. Just think if I could use my Jedi prowess up in DC! Smitty thinks that technology enables us humans to see potential outcomes, and that some of us, at least, have learned our history lessons:

The big question for 2012 is whether technology can prevent a repeat of a collapse into fascism, as in 1932, and a vast war. I’ll boldly predict that technology drives the problem the other way. People communicate enough to realize that the social welfare state is the biggest clay-footed idol since Nebuchadnezzar. The tricky question is how you maneuver out from under the idol before it topples and crushes you, i.e. what is the transition plan toward liberty.

My only caveat for The Smittster is while people are able to communicate instantaneously these days, how many will be able to break free from the indoctrination from years of indentured servitude to the entitlement gods to see the true dangers that lay ahead? Liberty is never free, regardless of what that lobbyist just whispered in your ear.

To me, besides being first out of the chute, Iowa is no longer relevant. It is just another manufactured media opportunity to manipulate opinions in an election cycle. Another frenzoid moment, compliments of a decayed system.

Europe is dying, rotting from the soul outward. We can still stop this in America. Our forefathers shed both blood and treasure to fight the corruption of tyrants and reclaim the freedom bestowed by our Creator. Now we get to do it in our own backyards.

There’s much more, but it’s time for football and after this past week, we deserve some time to kick back and enjoy the final days of our favorite sport.

Go Utah. Beat the Bugs.

P.S. Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas to All!

And heartfelt thanks for the many prayers lifted up on my MIL’s behalf. She was sitting up today and showing improvement.

Merry Christmas!

Call for Prayers! Urgent!

My dear mother-in-law was admitted to hospital last night with a multiple of problems. Please pray for her!

UPDATE: Many thanks for the prayers and kind words on FB. She is much improved today. Hopefully she can go home soon.

You Can Thank Obama for those Lumps of Coal in Your Stocking

How’s That List Coming?

You’ll remember two weeks ago my hair was on fire.

Since then, I have harnessed my inner Wonder Woman and accomplished the following:
-Completed and mailed a hand-knit monster as a baby gift.
-Yes, the tree is up.
-Yes, the tree is decorated.
-Yes, the Santas are up, and this year there are two new additions.
-Last week alone we attended two Sunday School parties and a staff dinner. This week there are two more parties.
-The baking is somewhat finished.
-Yes, the knitted gifts are finished. Some of them are even wrapped.
-Yes, 95% of the gifts are wrapped.
-Yes, College Boy is home and wreaking his usual havoc. I love it.
-Our Hornist With The Piano Gig finished her last Christmas “extra” performance today.
-No wassail. Yet. 😉

Help Stacy Get to Iowa!

R.S. McCain, LSHS’s most famous alumni besides Walton Goggins, is planning a trip to cover the Iowa caucases and needs your help. Hit his tip jar for a very Merry Christmas and fruitful trip following the candidates in the first two GOP contests.

The Christmas Memories, Part 12

This year I’ve been a little stumped as to what to include for a Christmas memory. There are still so many; how do I choose?

Then my little niece, The Divine Miss S, shared one about her recently deceased grandfather that I knew needing telling. You see, this is the second Christmas since her grandfather went to be with God. Last year, his loss was too new, too hard. This year, she was ready to tell her story. Her grandfather, my brother’s father-in-law, was the epitome of the cultured southern gentlemen. He was extremely well read, and full of funny stories, with a soft spot the size of Virginia for his grand children.

Ever the teacher and like most seniors, he had a special way with the little ones.

There has always been a tradition between my grandpa and me. Every time he would come up for a Christmas visit we would always count the lights on the back porch. When we would count the colors there was always a different number of each. I would count the colors and Grandpa would write them down. It was a very special moment for me because I got to spend time with my grandpa. When it was getting close to Christmas it would be something to look forward to every year. It was very special for me to spend time with him because I loved him so much and he was a great person to do that with.

So the next time you see colored lights on a house, think of the special times shared with little ones. They are so fleeting and precious. And remember Marvin, who counts all the lights up in Heaven now.

For other Christmas Memories posts, see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5.1, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11. Some are sad, some are funny, but they are all very special to me.


The Hobbit. Next December. Bagginses we will all be.


For the StarWars nerd on your list that has everything in the galaxy, these are the perfect gift. Plus they don’t cost you a thing. That’s good, considering most of us are as poor as rats on a spacebarge these days.

StarWars Snowflakes. More info here. Original inspiration here.

The Force is strong in these.

Well, This explains a lot

I’ve always known I’m somewhat introverted, but this just nails it. And see, you thought I was just shy…

(h/t) The Anchoress

Quote of the Day

Elizabeth: “Next to Obama, Bill Clinton is a model of humility and rational introspection.”

Apologies to Mark Lowry

I just couldn’t resist. And I expect Trog to steal this in 3…2…1…

Deck the Halls

Teh Awesome.

Where Have I Been?

Wow, it’s been over a week since my last post.

Where have I been? Well, there was the all week ramp-up, mega rehearsal, and then subsequent performance of our annual Christmas musical at church. With new performance attire of which I was entirely too involved in the management thereof, and a nerve-wracking cello accompaniment to a children’s song. Kids 1+, Cello Ick-.

Then there was the “Sink Incident of 2011”, occurring smack in the middle of the Christmas Extravaganza mentioned above, the subsequent carcass of the appliance formerly known as our disposal, three days of paper plates (I’m sure my greenie friends are just aghast at our contribution to the county landfill), two loads of stinky plumbing gunk towels, and the accompanying 20 trips to Lowe’s/Ace/InsertHardwareStoreNameHere. Bye bye Christmas money. Sigh.

The ancient dog and his many maladies.

The baby gift that refuses to stuff itself and sits mockingly in my work area.

The “Closet Intervention of 2011”, instigated by my daughter and the resulting trip to Goodwill with eight garbage bags of old clothes.

The College Boy arriving home in the midst of the aforementioned Sink Incident. With a car full of dirty laundry.

Sick husband (better now).

Plus today, we bury the father of our dear friend.

Is the tree up? Nope. Are the Santas up? Nope. Is the wassail wassailed? Nope. Is the baking started? Nope. Are the expected knitted gifts knit? Hahahaha. Nope.

And all that, before I even begin to talk about the day job.

Needless to say, I have been a bit overwhelmed.

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