You Can Thank Obama for those Lumps of Coal in Your Stocking

Fast and Furious.

Obama even wants to control your holiday dinner conversation.

Holder the Clown.

Obama doesn’t want you to criticize Islam, either.

While we scrape and scramble for our meager gifts this year, the First Family gets another post vacation in Hawaii.

Obama rates himself one of the best Presidents, evah.

Think your house is cold this year? Just wait.

How’s That List Coming?

You’ll remember two weeks ago my hair was on fire.

Since then, I have harnessed my inner Wonder Woman and accomplished the following:
-Completed and mailed a hand-knit monster as a baby gift.
-Yes, the tree is up.
-Yes, the tree is decorated.
-Yes, the Santas are up, and this year there are two new additions.
-Last week alone we attended two Sunday School parties and a staff dinner. This week there are two more parties.
-The baking is somewhat finished.
-Yes, the knitted gifts are finished. Some of them are even wrapped.
-Yes, 95% of the gifts are wrapped.
-Yes, College Boy is home and wreaking his usual havoc. I love it.
-Our Hornist With The Piano Gig finished her last Christmas “extra” performance today.
-No wassail. Yet. 😉

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