Perry Quits, and More

After much fuss and bother, Rick Perry drops out of the race.

More to come later…

And endorses Gingrich.

I guess this picture will just go in the album with all the other pictures of whozies/whatzies of folks I’ve rubbed shoulders with over the years. Big sigh. I was there when he announced and the sheer electricity in the room was something I will never forget. I wasn’t quite ready to endorse or support anyone yet, but he was on the short list.

As I write, Smitty is live-blogging the debate.

Two people whose opinions I eminently respect, see DOOM.

Elizabeth, The Anchoress, believes that Obama is licking his chops right now, believing he can beat any of the guys left.

The media assist to Obama is real, and needs to be taken into account. Recall Evan Thomas’ unapologetic projection that media assists can give a Democrat candidate an extra 10-15% they might not otherwise have (they certainly did, with John Kerry — a dreadful candidate who should never done as well as he did in the 2004 election) and yes, I think the White House has to feel good, right now.

As things stand today, you won’t hear any more about Hillary Clinton replacing Joe Biden on the ticket. She’s not needed. You won’t hear any more about her running independently specifically to rid the Democrats of Obama, which many of them would quietly love to see.

Absent a brokered convention, and barring something at-this-moment completely unforeseen, Obama will win re-election in ’12. In a cakewalk.

Just how stupid are the Republicans? That stupid. This election was theirs to lose. And they’re losing it.

Erick thinks that the GOP is being played by underground Paul supporters.

prominent friend told me some weeks ago that he noticed an odd thing. In his state, several people who have been successful in getting themselves known as very probably Mitt Romney delegates for the Republican National Convention are also his supporters. And they are not just my friends’ supporters, they are also long time staunch Ron Paul supporters.

Why then would they, long time staunch Ron Paul supporters, align this year with Mitt Romney? He made calls and talked to friends in other states. All of them saw the same thing happening — long time Dr. Paul supporters working to become delegates to the convention pledging to support Mitt Romney and others.

If the field stays fractured at this level, with only a few people, but each getting delegates enough to prevent the front runner from an outright majority, there will be a second vote at the Republican National Convention.

Delegates are only locked in for their candidate during the first vote. After the first vote, they can vote for whoever they want. So if Mitt Romney is unable to clear an outright majority on the first ballot, suddenly he could see some of his delegates turn on him — turn and go back to Ron Paul.

It is an ingenious strategy premised on a convention where no one gets majority support early. It plays well to a primary calendar where the delegates are first awarded proportionally. Who knows if it is a campaign strategy or just his volunteers, but the Paul campaign has been active now for four years trying to take over local parties.

It may pay off if the GOP doesn’t unite around a candidate soon.

Scary, isn’t it? And the whole time, Obama just sits there, waiting like a spider…

But back to today.

The campaign as a whole has declined to such a point that folks are making fun of candidate’s yearbook pictures. Really? You’ve stooped to this?

Right on cue, ABC tries to sink Newt’s ship with the “bitter ex-wife blast furnace” strategy. Drudge squealed, and stole the thunder. Hahaha! However, PeachPundit got the real scoop on Marianne’s bombshell. Read the whole thing, I’ll wait. It’s worth it.

I think the whole thing will boomerang on ABC and end up helping Newt. So does Sarah Palin. People are sick and tired of the media trying to torpedo anyone who doesn’t subscribe to their script of scorched-earth, progressive-infused, far-left journalism.

And just in case your mind wandered for just a second, don’t forget that The Won himself torpedoed the Keystone pipeline. Blaming Republicans, blah blah blah.

Exit Question: Should a sitting President HATE his country soooo much, that he tries to destroy it with every action he takes?

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