Remember Me? I Used to Blog Here…

Haha. Just kidding. Let’s catch up, shall we?

I was sick. A weird kind of sick. At first, it seemed like the flu, but lingered about in a strange, unsettling way. I’d had a flu shot last fall, so according to all the medical types I knew, any flu should be minor and relatively short-lived, since the all-powerful-Oz-flu-shot-makers almost got it right this year. By the fifth day of my general malaise and discomfort, my face was getting numb, dizzyness ruled and my left ear was ringing. More phone calls and time on the couch. Now the consensus of opinion is the mystery illness was really a nasty ear infection that crawled into my sinuses. At least this 1600mg of daily nuclear antibiotic seems to be working.

That’s why they call it a “practice.” Some day, one of them thar doctor types will get it right.

In the midst of all this excitement, I had my birthday. No parade this year, due to my general lack of enthusiasm.

So back to the salt mines.

The Florida primary is tomorrow. I’m really getting tired of all this sniping. Sarah Palin calls them a bunch of cannibals. How true. How can any of these bozos be considered as a serious opponent to the Man Who Pretends to be President?

Newt has a Las Vegas sugardaddy, which explains why he’s still in the race. It can’t be anything he’s actually said

Michelle Malkin has endorsed Rick Santorum. Her arguments are compelling. Nice family you’ve got there. Too bad you’re running for President.

While you’re there, read her post on Mr. and Mrs. Cranky Pants.

So, it turns out that the cool cat billed as “No Drama Obama” by his sycophants is actually quite the drama queen. While the White House publicly pretends to ignore conservative detractors of his administration, Chief Touchy-Touchy seems to be personally consumed by our critiques. Yes, mine included.

On Wednesday, the president had himself a mini-”Toddlers and Tiaras”-style meltdown with Arizona GOP Gov. Jan Brewer after landing in Phoenix for a post-State of the Union dog-and-pony show. As Brewer told pool reporters on the scene, Obama took umbrage at Brewer’s recent memoir. She minced no words on the cover: “Scorpions for Breakfast: My Fight Against Special Interests, Liberal Media, and Cynical Politicos to Secure America’s Border.”

And she minced no words describing her impressions of Obama as they sparred over her state’s tough immigration enforcement law, which is now the subject of a Justice Department witch-hunt. Brewer called Obama “patronizing” and “condescending.” I’d say she was excruciatingly polite.

According to Brewer, “He was a little disturbed about my book. … I said to him that I have all the respect in the world for the office of the president. The book is what the book is. I asked him if he read the book. He said he read (an) excerpt.” In the shadow of Air Force One, Obama complained that Brewer hadn’t “treated him cordially” and then stalked off while she was responding mid-sentence.

Photogs captured the fracas on film. The civility police gasped at Brewer’s “disrespectful” finger-pointing. On cue, one progressive commentator insinuated the gesture was a “racist” jab tantamount to lynching.

(More of that racist-code-word crap. Another thing I am sickeningly tired of. DNC sycophants at their finest.)

But it is entirely fine and proper for the President to be rude. After all, he is the President. Especially disturbing is this exchange with Gov. Bobby Jindal, when he visited Louisiana right after the BP oil spill.

In another instance, Louisiana Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal wrote in a book about an unpleasant brush with this president when he arrived in the state during the gulf oil spill.

“I was expecting words of concern about the oil spill, worry about the pending ecological disaster, and words of confidence about how the federal government was here to help,” Jindal wrote. “Or perhaps he was going to vent about BP’s slow response. But no, the president was upset about something else. … Actually, he wanted to talk about a letter that my administration had sent to Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack a day earlier.

“The letter was rudimentary, bureaucratic, and ordinary. … We were simply asking the federal government to authorize food stamps for those who were now unemployed because of the oil spill. Governors regularly make these sorts of requests to the federal government when facing disaster.

“But somehow, for some reason, President Obama had personalized this. And he was upset.

“There was not a word about the oil spill. He was concerned about looking bad because of the letter. ‘Careful,’ he said to me, ‘this is going to get bad for everyone.’”

So in celebration our Dear Leader’s inability to walk in any commoner’s shoes, let’s have a caption contest!!!

(Editor’s note: This note was scheduled to post on Monday. For some reason, it did not. Thanks, WordPress.)


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