David Frum’s Final Beclownment

It’s bad enough he beclowns himself daily, but his article about the passing of Andrew Breitbart is truly disgusting.

Ace gives him the what for he deserves for speaking so ill of the dead. And it leaves a mark. A delicious whelp.

From the dawn of time the primitives in the woods envied and feared those with the Magic of Fire.

David Frum exceeded Andrew Breitbart in one measure only, span of life.

But not in life.

David Frum will die as he lived, gray, timid, small, spiteful, cramped in thought and bent in spirit, slender of talent and obese in self-regard, unloved, unnoticed, unremembered and unread.

Better to live outrageously for only a short spell than to hiss from the shadows, content to live within the niggling license of Master’s Leash.

Read the whole thing. It is stellar.

Stacy prays, despite all his antics, that he never screws up as bad as this.


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