Six is a Magic Number

One is the loneliest number. But today of all days, six is THE magic number.

Today is Pi Day, that illustrious day in geekdom which devotees of Big Bang Theory know only rivals Saturnalia Miracles and Spock’s birthday in its hallowed reverence and extended festivities.

It is also the day this little blog was hatched. Previous year’s posts have gone into all the hows and whys and wheres and whos that contributed to my general sense of blogmentia. If you’re a newbie, check them out here – The First, Year One, Two, Three, Four, and Five.)

Parsecs and parsecs of prime red-meat snarkage.

Where do I even begin to summarize? How do you distill years of verbiage into one perfect little nugget of wisdom?

This works: “Sometimes the stupidity of people just stupefies me.”

Now we have another election before us. Heaven help America. After four years of The Won, if this doesn’t make you want to run out and vote for whatever goat ends up on the GOP ticket, well, you’re just reading the wrong blog. Run along now.

Completely unrelated, other than mentioning Pi again, since it’s Pi Day and all, did you know that you can even use Pi as basis of the stripe pattern in hand-knit socks? Behold:

While there are those who mock me at my new found passion for knitting, saying it cuts into my housework (hahahaahaaa good one), socializing and blogging time, I beg to differ. At least, in the coming nuclear winter of holocaust and starvation, my family’s feet will be warm. And hands. And heads. And necks. And…

So now you want to be my friend…. I see how this works.

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