Random Sunday Randomness

As I returned from a week away, I found my life and subsequent mood was only sitting on the “Pause” button. I continue to wash adrift in this arbitrarily enforced purgatory, swinging between prayers for God’s vengeance on the wicked and rolling my eyes at the galactic three-ring circus of the rest of the world. Since the idiots in the state-run news are so much more entertaining in the short term, here’s a few shots that are sure to make you shake your head as well:

I wonder, does Justice Defector get to wear a Batsuit?

Smitty likes to make up words like I do: check out Erasism.

Althouse gets on her Mystery Science Theater 3000 during the ObamaCare SCOTUS arguments.

Allies, my hind-parts. Keep your friends close. Keep your enemies closer.

No media bias here. Move along, nothing to see.

The founder of TaxCheatStamps is “surprising” audited by the IRS. Insert your best Gomer Pyle impersonation here. (h/t Insty)

Bread and circuses.

Heh. Imagine that. A ring that doesn’t look like a big eraser.

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