The President Presumes Too Much

Is there something in the water up at The White House?

First, The Won threatens lectures the SCOTUS to not strike down his pet project in socialism.

Thank heavens for the Fifth Circuit of Appeals, which promptly slapped Dear Leader with a homework assignment, which for such a lauded constitutional scholar should be child’s play. Unless one of his DOJ lackies handles the request. Or he is what John Hawkins (read the link) suggests. My money is on the latter.

But back to the erratic behavior…

He insults the neighbors.

He schools his lapdogs on how to report every word that spews from the executive pie-hole.

He noses through our trash and listens over the fence.

His front men are becoming less courteous and more contentious. Bad form for those sitting around in the highest office in the land.

But today, he stepped over a line. He compared himself to Jesus. Either he has finally succumbed to his delusions or he truly believes that the majority of Americans that still believe in God are dumber than dumb.


…what strikes the serious reader of the Gospels is that, given a spectrum with Jesus on one end and Pontius Pilate on the other, you, Mr. President, resemble the latter far more than the former.

But we’ll be about affording you copious time to repent after the first Tuesday in November.

Indeed. But I doubt such a devotee of Karl Marx would believe there was anything to repent of.

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