What happens to the checks and balances…

…when there is no due diligence or foundational integrity in the process?

From Barbara at American Thinker:

How did this happen without any media coverage? Where’s Congress? Who is looking out for the American Election Process? Which bureaucratic agencies allowed our election process to sold to a foreign country? National Voter ID needed now more than ever, since there is a foreign company counting Americans votes.

Indeed. SCTYL acquires SOE Software, becoming the leading election software provider. SCTYL is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain.

No wonder Obama whispered to President Dmitri Medvedev that the election was in the bag and his DOJ seems so unconcerned about rampant voter fraud. Covert cheating worked so well last time, that he’s not even trying to hide the deception this time around.

When will America wake up and realize that not only is the fox wreaked havoc in the hen house, but he’s in the big house as well?

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