The Longest Day of Many Long Days

If you’re going through hell, keep going. – Winston Churchill

Please pray for me and my family, especially today.

The LORD is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those whose spirits are crushed. (Psalm 34:18 NLT)

Who is #Brett Kimberlin and Why You Should Care

Today is Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day.

Andrew warned the world about this guy six months before he died. Follow the money,

The funding of Kimberlin’s projects — tens of thousands of dollars from the George Soros-connected Tides Foundation, as well as foundations associated with Barbra Streisand and Sen. John Kerry’s wife — thus supported all of Kimberlin’s activities, including his effort to have O’Keefe and Giles prosecuted for their ACORN takedown.

His favorite targets are conservative and Tea Party bloggers.

Of late, Kimberlin’s name has surfaced because one blogger claims to have been driven from his home due to Kimberlin’s harassment. Why the harassment? Various bloggers and others have pointed out that Kimberlin runs a variety of left-wing organizations getting money from the deep pockets of the left. As the web of connections has increased, so has the harassment. Yet again, the left tries to silence dissent.

The latest target is Stacy McCain, who has abandoned his home and taken his family to a (hopefully) safe haven. Jimmie Bise has spoken with Stacy directly and rather than being afraid, he’s energized. Knowing Stacy, I’m not surprised.

Ace wonders why this fellow believes he has his own set of laws to operate under.

Did the US Congress strip American citizens of their right to state demonstrably true facts without unending harassments? Did we lose that right simply because Brett Kimberlin has decided, as a Congress of One, that we should no longer have it?

If we have not lost that right — if it is still legal to say, in America, that Brett Kimberlin was convicted of planting eight bombs in Speedway, Indiana, one of which took a man’s leg, and then, distraught over his maiming, his life, via suicide — if it is legal to say this, can we have it stated by a US Congressman for the record that it is still legal to say this?

My interest in this matter is not over Brett Kimberlin’s criminal history as a bloody bomber. My interest in whose leg he amputated-by-explosive-force 34 years ago.

My interest is in what he’s doing today.

Either Americans have the right to state that Kimberlin was convicted of the Speedway Bombing Spree or they do not.

If I no longer have this right, I would like Congress to pass a law stating that I no longer have this right. If we’re repealing the First Amendment, let’s make it official.

If, on the other hand, I retain this right, I would like members of Congress to reassure me on this point, by stating so on the floor of Congress, and entering the long and sordid history of Brett Kimberlin, aka the Speedway Bomber, into the Congressional Record.

And then let him try to claim that no one is permitted to mention this.

Follow the links. Start here. Follow the money. Do your own research and come to your own conclusion. This ask this question, “How has America sunk to this level?”

Pray for Stacy, the other bloggers and ones that will be threatened.

The Catholic Church Throws Down the Gauntlet – Updated

According to the weather geeks, there is a large orange blob over my house. The rumbles gave it away, I suppose. Either the angels are bowling again, or God is rumbling his approval.

Today at 11am, 43 Catholic organizations filed lawsuits in a dozen jurisdictions against the federal government for infringing on their religious liberty.

Now you ask, why does a Baptist woman (recovering, at that) get all jazzed by this news? Because, when it all boils down to it that despite our differences in doctrine, we all love and worship the same God. If the Obama administration can succeed in it’s singling out of Catholics for specific snuffing, then who’s next? The Anglicans? The Methodists? The Presbyterians?

says it straight:

…the government is fundamentally overstepping its bounds with this mandate which, as noted in the filing, contains no limiting principle to the government’s interference with religious freedom if the mandate stands.

The Catholics are gearing up for a long fight against evil. And I will stand with them.

UPDATE: Hear those crickets chirping? Either the MSM can’t be bothered to deviate from the Obama-prescripted mantra or they are literally too scared to open their mouths.

Well, that might be the message they are sending. But I think the larger message that perhaps they hadn’t meant to transmit is one of stark terror. Like the kid who hides under the blanket figuring the boogeyman won’t see him, the mainstream media has decided that if they just ignore the 12 lawsuits launched against the Obama administration by 43 Catholic entities, the reality of them will go away; they simply won’t exist, and the Supreme Court won’t see them, either!

Or, you know, they might just be afraid that if people begin to realize that the promised (as in still-not-in-effect) Obama “accommodation” was not the acceptable olive-branched solution they’d pretended it was, they might start wondering what this “constitutional-scholar” of a president is really all about.

Or, they might be afraid that, as Bozell says, news of the suits could negatively impact Obama’s re-election campaign.

Afraid is the operative word, here. What is coming through loud and clear is their fear.

Yep. Fear.

Never Question Those with the Gift of Discernment

You knew this in your heart, in your soul, in your own personal Gibbs’ gut.

Jeremiah Wright: I “Made It Comfortable” For Obama to Accept Christianity Without Having to Renounce Islam (Video Report)

Everyone has at least one gift of the Spirit, whether they know it or not. Some can even sense the presence of evil, whether it’s the person next to you on the subway or when someone enters a room.

Before/during/after the election I said this man was unsuitable for the Presidency. After three years of disaster after disaster, do you believe me now?

Only now, at the end, do you understand. Your feeble skills are no match for the power of the dark side! You have paid the price for your lack of vision!

Yeah, I Did That, Too. And That, Too. And Yeah, That Too.

I have finally found the cause of all this global warming. It is the persistent metamorphosis of Obama’s galactic-sized mutant ego. The output of so much noxious gas is surely the cause of all the festering sores on this planet.

Obama is adding his name to Presidential biographies. Really. The trending #ObamaInHistory is helping out his campaign almost as much as that dreadful Newsweek cover.

My first thought was, he must be joking. But he wasn’t—it turns out Obama has added bullet points bragging about his own accomplishments to the biographical sketches of every single U.S. president since Calvin Coolidge (except, for some reason, Gerald Ford).

Cap’n Ed has more.

Rutherford Hayes was not available for comment.

Holy Smokes. Watch out. The next thing you know, he’ll be PhotoShopping his face into Raphael’s Transfiguration.

Whatever You Want, Obama’s Your Man

Ramirez has the ultimate visual for those that don’t already know that Obama wants to everything to everybody, all the time.

More at HotAir

Happy Mother’s Day

Letter from a Mother to a Daughter:

“My dear girl, the day you see I’m getting old, I ask you to please be patient, but most of all, try to understand what I’m going through. If when we talk, I repeat the same thing a thousand times, don’t interrupt to say: “You said the same thing a minute ago”… Just listen, please. Try to remember the times when you were little and I would read the same story night after night until you would fall asleep. When I don’t want to take a bath, don’t be mad and don’t embarrass me. Remember when I had to run after you making excuses and trying to get you to take a shower when you were just a girl? When you see how ignorant I am when it comes to new technology, give me the time to learn and don’t look at me that way… remember, honey, I patiently taught you how to do many things like eating appropriately, getting dressed, combing your hair and dealing with life’s issues every day… the day you see I’m getting old, I ask you to please be patient, but most of all, try to understand what I’m going through. If I occasionally lose track of what we’re talking about, give me the time to remember, and if I can’t, don’t be nervous, impatient or arrogant. Just know in your heart that the most important thing for me is to be with you. And when my old, tired legs don’t let me move as quickly as before, give me your hand the same way that I offered mine to you when you first walked. When those days come, don’t feel sad… just be with me, and understand me while I get to the end of my life with love. I’ll cherish and thank you for the gift of time and joy we shared. With a big smile and the huge love I’ve always had for you, I just want to say, I love you… my darling daughter. ”

Happy Mother’s Day!

(Hint: This heartfelt plea also works equally well on SONS…)

Backlash. Whiplash. Whateverlash.

Finally venturing out in internet pub-lick after a week’s worth of general malaise. Whatever this crappy-crappy-crap is that is crawling its way through Atlanta, please sir, let me direct you to the nearest interstate that will ferry the noxious virus over the state line to the well-deserving citizenry of Alabamy. I am so tired of coughing up niblets of lung all over my house. Makes for too much vacuuming.

It never fails that whenever I go off the grid for a bit, the galaxy gets all atilt. In clearing my browser tabs today, here’s hope that Teh Stupid isn’t as catching as the lung fracturing virus.

The Obama smear of “Romney is a big, bad bully” is turning out downright schadenfreudeful. Remember, all this comes from The-Man-Who-Won’t-Allow-Research-Into-His-Past-Because-HE-WON. So Romney issues a general apology to cover for his sins committed while in high school. In the meantime, the story starts to fall apart, prompting many to roll their eyes over the media just slap makin’ stuff up now and/or using ‘past their expiration date’ sources. Simultaneously, the backlash helps Romney move ahead in election polling. Who would have thought that Romney’s campaign would have gotten such a boost from such an unlikely source, i.e., the very man he’s running against? Schadenfreudelicous, baby!

There are lots of stupid people in Atlanta, and most of them work in various governmental agencies and permit offices. Sheesh.

If only Bubba had listened to me three years ago, I could have saved him all this trouble.

Thanks to the race-baiting of the Martin/Zimmerman fiasco, Congress wants to overrule various and sundry “stand your ground laws” passed by individual states. Hello? Has anyone in Congress even read the Constitution? Tenth Amendment? States rights? Hell-OOOO? Bueller? Bueller?

House Democrats are being trained on how to use the race card. Marvy.

The Fauxohantas jokes continue unabated.

Venezuelan goon President Chavez is so sick, he is now sacrificing animals in hopes of a miracle cure. What will he do when he runs out of chickens?

And absolutely, completely unrelated, nice bellybutton, dude. (h/t The Other McCain)

What HE Said

My rant continues.   The Daily Rant, well, rants about how inappropriate our current leaders behave. “Ghetto Fabulous” is only part of the problem.

The answer to all the above questions is no. No other President, First Lady, or CEO of a top company has behaved as these two have. And therein lies the problem. He is the leader of the free world. That means there is to be an inherent respect for the office and position held. But with these two it appears they want to reduce the positions to that of social directors at a hip-hop party in Cabrini-Green.

The reducing of the Office of President to a fraternity house may have started with Bill Clinton, but the Obamas have reduced the Office to levels heretofore unwitnessed. Past First Ladies behaved with eloquence and demureness that in no way diminished them–while Hillary abandoned that Michelle has plumbed new levels of commonality.

Read the whole thing. Fish. Barrel. Bang.

(H/T Fausta)

May Day Mayhem

First off, the #OccupyAShower folks promise worldwide mayhem today, in celebration of every commie’s favorite day of the year, May Day. Maybe the traffic will be lighter in ATL today.

Right on schedule, Obama delivers a speech filled with class warfare rhetoric.

The House GOP are preparing a contempt citation against AG Eric Holder, for his massive prevarication regarding operation Fast & Furious. Don’t blame him, look higher. He only wants to immolate his boss, you know.

I’m surprised that Boehner is surprised that Obama is picking his own fights. He wants to control everything, including the narrative. Mr. Speaker needs to do this homework this summer and read the rule book.

What’s that in the sky? A bird? A plane? No, it’s Obama!

Gerard. No other commentary necessary.

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