The Catholic Church Throws Down the Gauntlet – Updated

According to the weather geeks, there is a large orange blob over my house. The rumbles gave it away, I suppose. Either the angels are bowling again, or God is rumbling his approval.

Today at 11am, 43 Catholic organizations filed lawsuits in a dozen jurisdictions against the federal government for infringing on their religious liberty.

Now you ask, why does a Baptist woman (recovering, at that) get all jazzed by this news? Because, when it all boils down to it that despite our differences in doctrine, we all love and worship the same God. If the Obama administration can succeed in it’s singling out of Catholics for specific snuffing, then who’s next? The Anglicans? The Methodists? The Presbyterians?

says it straight:

…the government is fundamentally overstepping its bounds with this mandate which, as noted in the filing, contains no limiting principle to the government’s interference with religious freedom if the mandate stands.

The Catholics are gearing up for a long fight against evil. And I will stand with them.

UPDATE: Hear those crickets chirping? Either the MSM can’t be bothered to deviate from the Obama-prescripted mantra or they are literally too scared to open their mouths.

Well, that might be the message they are sending. But I think the larger message that perhaps they hadn’t meant to transmit is one of stark terror. Like the kid who hides under the blanket figuring the boogeyman won’t see him, the mainstream media has decided that if they just ignore the 12 lawsuits launched against the Obama administration by 43 Catholic entities, the reality of them will go away; they simply won’t exist, and the Supreme Court won’t see them, either!

Or, you know, they might just be afraid that if people begin to realize that the promised (as in still-not-in-effect) Obama “accommodation” was not the acceptable olive-branched solution they’d pretended it was, they might start wondering what this “constitutional-scholar” of a president is really all about.

Or, they might be afraid that, as Bozell says, news of the suits could negatively impact Obama’s re-election campaign.

Afraid is the operative word, here. What is coming through loud and clear is their fear.

Yep. Fear.

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