“Swatting” of Conservatives Story Gaining Traction

The dam is cracking and the #Brett Kimberlin crowd doesn’t have enough fingers to stop the deluge of truth.

Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss is requesting the DOJ investigate. I wonder if Holder will even bother, unless he can find a black conservative that has been threatened and oppressed by a white attacker.

ABC scooped CNN on the story. (Erick Erickson should really ask his bosses over at CNN what has to happen for them to cover a story about one of their own. You bet if Christiane Amanpour had been swatted like Erick, the producers would be slobbering all over themselves trying to figure out how turn it into a mini-series.)

The American Center for Law and Justice has stepped up in defense of this assault on the First Amendment.

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