About Those Leaks…

Let’s just cut to the chase, shall we? The leaks coming from the Obama administration are occurring solely for his re-election bid. Neither he, nor his minions, care about the lives endangered and/or lost by these actions, the security of our nation, or the damage done to international relations.

Since the complicit media only aids and abets, and doesn’t do their job to report, it’s up to YOU to educate yourself. Regardless of what Juan Williams believes, blogs are the best place to start. Sure, some blogs are more ‘agendaized’ than others. My only agenda is to SAVE AMERICA from those who want to destroy her. Since you are here, I bet that’s yours, too.

So have at it, kiddos.

First stop is SpecialOperationsSpeaks.

Background on the site can be found here and here.

And definitely read Austin Bay’s post on the group.

Little wonder the “Obama’s guts, Obama’s glory, vote Obama” media campaign, employing such narrative-dominating powers as Hollywood and The New York Times, is backfiring on Obama’s election campaign. Spicing the narrative with concrete military and intelligence operational details has angered and energized a very small but aggressive group, Special Operations Speaks (SOS). Its members are retired U.S. special operations soldiers, airmen, sailors and Marines, the mentors and comrades of the guys who really did get Osama bin Laden.

Mad yet?

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