Romeo & Juliet, or Something

UGA Cheerleader Syndi Vaughn transfers to Georgia Tech to be near her boyfriend, kicker David Scully.

See, even Love can overcome Good, Old-Fashioned Hate. How sweet!

Cute girl. Hopes she likes to lose at least one game in the fall.

And Why Wouldn’t Jesus Love Baseball?

Dear Anchoress points to Bruce Reyes-Chow, who asks the ever important question, WWJP?

Baseball, of course. He explains why:

      The Mascots // Angels, Padres and yeah, why do you think that the team fro, Tampa Bay are now known simple as The Devil Rays. – Jesus likes them.
      The Team // Baseball is a unique team team sport in that there are so many working parts that make up the team: starting pitchers, pinch hitters, closers, power hitters, base-stealers, etc and each player has a unique skill set. I dare say the 25 player roster has more diversity player to player than football’s 52 player squad – Jesus likes communities that bring all their gifts together for the common good.
      The Individual // In baseball, ones individual contributions and skills can both take over a game as well as be part of a team. Each person plays a particular role on the team, but if need be a player can carry a team for a game or two at a time pitching a shut-out, hitting a couple of home runs, making a game saving defensive play, etc. – While this can go wrong sometimes when a player tries to do too much, in the end Jesus liked Peter, he tried too much, but also carried the disciples through time of struggle.
      The Utility Player // Not everyone can be great at all things, maybe not even great at one thing, but many can be really good at a great many things. Utility players are a crucial part of a team’s 162 game season: outfield, infield, pitcher, catcher, you name it . . . there are a few folks who can do it all. Bert “Campy” Campaneris was the first to play all nine position in one game. – Paul, all things to all people.
      The Long Haul // Spring training followed by 162 games in a season allows a team to start with a clean slate each year while requiring them to think with the Big Picture in mind. – Hope and perseverance, hope and perseverance.
      The Nuance // While some think Baseball is boring to watch on TV or in person, the nuances of the game, if open to seeing them, make every pitch and every play an exercise in imagining the possibilities and seeing a glimpse of grace. – Sorry literalists, but I think Jesus likes a nuanced approach to scripture, faith and sports.

Let me interrupt here to interject most of the most beautiful things I have ever seen was in the early 2000’s when during a blazing hot day game at The Ted, Atlanta Braves pitcher Tom Glavine pitched himself out of a no outs, bases loaded mess. Methodically, patiently, perfectly executed. Jesus would have approved, I think.

Go read the rest of the outstanding post.

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