The President’s Very Bad Week

Just a quick round-up to get the revved up for this week, which promises to be a very bad week for POTUS, as if last week wasn’t bad enough…

Doug Ross’ Top Ten Takeaways from the Obama-Holder coverup

The White House OOZE is not a new party drink, trust me.

Durham, NH is considering dis-inviting the Prez for a campaign stop since the campaign has already declined reimbursing the town for the expected 17K-30K bill for increased security. Caveat emptor, indeed.

Bill Whittle, Heads on Pikes Edition.

Harry Truman once said, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” Obama has “evolved” that phrase as well, so now it’s “If you can’t stand the heat, head to the golf course.”

And the icing on the cake, so to speak… The Obama campaign has sunk to a new low. How low you ask? This low.


They must be very desperate at this point.

UPDATE: Fausta has a brilliant idea – let’s all sent O a toaster!

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