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Who Needs a Chick-fil-A in NYC, When You Just Need to Drive to NJ?

One of the many, many tasks self-assigned in this marathon at the praxeum, is to find the closest Chick-fil-A to HornGirl’s grad school.

We’re Southern, you know, and need our Chick-fil-A and sweet tea fix. Frequently. You New Yorkers just wouldn’t understand.

Imagine our dismay to find there was only one Chick-fil-A in all of New York state. At NYU, no less. NOT convenient. But it has attracted the attention of a local NY council member, who wanting to score cheap points with the #hatechicken crowd, is now calling for the location to be closed.

Just like other protests/boycotts/etc. that backfire, this suits us southern, barefoot, ignorant bigots just fine. There’s a Chick-fil-A at the Woodbridge Center Mall in New Jersey. And I’m quite sure that the Garden State will happily welcome the tax revenue that New York so haughtily turns up their nose up at.

I know a couple of first year grad students already planning their weekly roadtrips. NWWTIYKWIM

They Don’t Teach Economics at Harvard Law

And boy, does it show. Read it all. I’ll wait.

In other economic news, Queen Michelle FLOTUS wears a $6,800 jacket to the Olympic party at Buckingham Palace.

The cost of that jacket would pay our mortgage for 5 months. Not that we’re hurting or anything since Hubs lost his job. Heaven forbid we’re not grateful for our Benevolent Imperial Federal Government and all.

Hair on Fire, Part 42

Yeah, I know. I have neglected the blog. I’m been busy. Too busy. Very busy. Very, very busy. Very, very, VERY busy. I haven’t been this overwhelmed since I planned my wedding. In three months. Yeah, I know, I’m insane.

Getting two (count em, TWO) kids off to college at once, a thousand miles apart, is a full-time job. One is returning to Rome for his junior year and my sweet Hornist-With-No-Gig is heading to New York to start graduate school. What most folks have had six months or so to organize, we’ve managed to pull it off in about six weeks.

Yeah, my hair is on fire.

I’ve been lurking about the internetz, though, snatching time where I could. Today I saw this and couldn’t resist:

I realized, for the first time I can recall, that the President doesn’t like me, or people who share my values. Not that he has simple differences, or thinks I’m misguided. He doesn’t like me, and if you’re reading this post on Ricochet he probably doesn’t like you, either. And it isn’t mild dislike: it’s utter contempt.

When has a president — any president — so thoroughly shown that he despises at least half the population of the country? Not Bush, not Reagan, not even Clinton.

It’s not just about policy or party. It’s personal.

Last week, at a fast food chicken restaurant with family values that will remain nameless until I get around to ranting about THAT issue, I overheard a table full of seniors (65+) whispering about the current state of American affairs. One even admitted, “I voted for the moron. But not this time.”

Then yesterday, when I voted early in the Georgia Primary, I had to wait in line. Unusual, yes, but there is a rather unpopular tax transportation referendum that has increased turnout. But there’s a something in the air.

Yes, indeedy. Something’s in the air and it’s not smoke from what’s left of my hair.


Herbert Meyer at American Thinker has a great idea. Just think how the Obama House of Cards would tremble at a Romney-Petraeus ticket.

Outstanding, sir. Outstanding.

Here’s why:

Petraeus is, quite simply, the most highly-regarded American in public life. Even those who opposed our military actions in Afghanistan and Iraq admire and respect this general. He’s so obviously a brilliant, competent man. And he’s always come across as low-key and personally modest. By choosing Petraeus as his running-mate, Romney would send out a message to voters that he isn’t playing politics as usual; that he wants the most qualified people he can find for his administration — and that he’ll put the varsity team in place to confront a dangerous world.

Choosing the general also would stop the Obama attack team dead in its tracks. Right now these vicious little creeps are hard at work preparing to trash whomever Romney chooses as his running-mate. If Paul Ryan or Rob Portman ever got a traffic ticket, or if Marco Rubio’s wife ever cut the label off a pillow, Obama’s attack dogs know it and are prepared to use it — or, rather, to mis-use it — with the help of their allies in the mainstream media. Trashing General Petraeus won’t be quite so easy. Unless the general is having an affair with an underage aardvark, the Obama team wouldn’t dare attack this national hero. They know it would backfire on them.

Read the rest.

Tree Rings Cannot Lie OR Why Al Gore Hates the Ents

This is rich. (h/t Instapundit)

Inconvenient findings from fossilized tree rings. It seems temperatures were higher in Roman and Medieval times and that the Earth has been cooling for over 2000 years.

I’d said before (can’t find the post, maybe it was a comment somewhere) that if the Earth happened to be warmer that day, then “It’s the Sun, Stupid.”

In general the scientists found a slow cooling of 0.6C over 2,000 years, which they attributed to changes in the Earth’s orbit which took it further away from the Sun.

See? The orbit? The Sun? Distance to Earth? Simple geometry. C’mon fellas, this isn’t rocket science.

Read the rest of this entry »

Love Liberty? DHS Categorizes You as a Terrorist

Honestly, I couldn’t make this up if I tried.

Read it and weep.

From the video at Jim’s place:

“Groups that believe that one’s personal and/or national ‘way of life’ is under attack and is either already lost or that the threat is imminent.” describes potential terrorists? WTH? DHS is using left wing hate groups and even Islamic groups with ties to terrorism as consultants to determine who are threats.

From a Jan, 2011 article “How Dept. of Homeland Security identifies ‘right wing extremists’:

The radical leftist group Southern Poverty Law Center has partnered with the Department of Homeland Security in a ‘Working Group’ called Countering violent Extremism to paint conservatives as hate groups and extremists.

Former Attorney General Edwin Meese says it is “despicable” for the Southern Poverty Law Center to classify the Family Research Council and a dozen other top conservative organizations as “hate groups” similar to the Ku Klux Klan.

The Obligatory Just Got Back From Florida Catch-up Post

Why, yes, indeed I did return from Florida. Bills need to be paid, ya know.

Florida has a dirty secret. Thank heavens my trip kept me away from that part of the state.

Vince is always right. Losing Crowell is a silver lining for the Silver Breeches.

And you say I’m paranoid

The UN wants your guns, by the way.

After a sleepy few years, the sun throws out some solar flares and Earthbound Greenies flip out. Pssst…that’s what the sun does when it wakes up, morons.

No, you’re not the nuns from The Sound of Music, helping the Von Trapps escape over the Alps. No, you’re just punks.

The Ever Redundant Narcissist who can’t be bothered with asking American’s how they really feel is sounding more like Charlie Brown’s teacher everyday.

Get off my school lawn.

How to move a tree. Too bad Atlanta doesn’t know how to do this. It was once dubbed the “city built in a forest.” Now it’s the “city with all the empty, bulldozed lots.” Sigh.

Data Integrity gets political, and all.

Global Financial Apocalypse
in 3, 2, 1…

What is Old is New again. I wonder if the goosestep will be part of their training?

Katie Cruise Holmes was right to Run Away, Run Away.

And if you don’t read anything else today, read this. Now.

Off to Florida, But First…This…

Even though I’m leaving for Florida in the next few minutes, I couldn’t resist the double irony of this post over at The Hill:

Marine Corps band plays Romney song on White House lawn

A subset of the Marine Corps band struck up one of Mitt Romney’s walkout songs while President Obama was greeting visitors at the White House Independence Day celebration.

A White House pool report said the band struck up Rodney Atkins’s “It’s America,” and described it as an “awkward moment.”

The president and first lady Michelle Obama were hosting service members and their families on the South Lawn of the White House on Wednesday evening to mark the Fourth of July.

Military families were treated to an evening of barbecue, fireworks and a concert featuring the Marine Band and country star Brad Paisley.

In his remarks welcoming the attendees, Obama thanked them for their service to the country

“It is always such an honor for us to spend this holiday with members of our military and your extraordinary families,” said the president. “So as your commander in chief — but also as an American — I wanted to invite all of you over to say one thing: Thank you.”

Read the full pool report below:

Here’s some color from POTUS’ visits with the troops.

After his remarks, POTUS and FLOTUS made a bee-lime for the crowd where he began to shake hands and sign autographs, and continued to do so until 6:49 when he left the South Lawn, walked around to the Oval Office and then towards the playground set where several children were playing.

Some fathers were hoisting there small children, whose faces were painted in red-white-and-blue designs, onto their shoulders to see the president.

Pool was then ushered back to the press area at the White House.

One awkward moment: A New York Times photographer in the pool mentioned that shortly after Obama ended his remarks and was shaking hands, the a subset of the Marine Corps band played one of Mitt Romney’s main walkout songs, Rod Atkins’ “It’s America.”

The best patriotic outfit pool spotted was a woman standing in line to get an autograph who eventually gave up and walked away empty-handed. The woman was wearing a tank-top dress completely made out of small red, white, and blue balloons — no joke.

Yeah, the song is the obvious first irony. The second is (did you see them?) the THREE errors in the pool report. I know. I know. I make plenty of my own grammatical errors and typos, but sheesh, I’m not a paid reporter.

Hey, that’s an idea to make a little money around here! Write badly and spell incorrectly. Some major newspaper will be calling in 3…2…1…

Independence Day, Some Get It, Some Don’t

Have a Happy and Festive Fourth of July while you celebrate our nation’s birth.

Most of my friends and relations get it. Too bad FLOTUS doesn’t.

As for me and mine, we’re heading up to Obi’s for a day filled with food and pyrotechnic foolishness. Then off for a couple of days in Florida.

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