The Obligatory Just Got Back From Florida Catch-up Post

Why, yes, indeed I did return from Florida. Bills need to be paid, ya know.

Florida has a dirty secret. Thank heavens my trip kept me away from that part of the state.

Vince is always right. Losing Crowell is a silver lining for the Silver Breeches.

And you say I’m paranoid

The UN wants your guns, by the way.

After a sleepy few years, the sun throws out some solar flares and Earthbound Greenies flip out. Pssst…that’s what the sun does when it wakes up, morons.

No, you’re not the nuns from The Sound of Music, helping the Von Trapps escape over the Alps. No, you’re just punks.

The Ever Redundant Narcissist who can’t be bothered with asking American’s how they really feel is sounding more like Charlie Brown’s teacher everyday.

Get off my school lawn.

How to move a tree. Too bad Atlanta doesn’t know how to do this. It was once dubbed the “city built in a forest.” Now it’s the “city with all the empty, bulldozed lots.” Sigh.

Data Integrity gets political, and all.

Global Financial Apocalypse
in 3, 2, 1…

What is Old is New again. I wonder if the goosestep will be part of their training?

Katie Cruise Holmes was right to Run Away, Run Away.

And if you don’t read anything else today, read this. Now.

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