Sheldon Was Right

Yeah, I know I said I’d be hyper-busy the next two weeks, but these two items deserve your attention.

First, Shelton was right to declare Wil Wheaton his mortal enemy. Wil has landed on the wrong side of the chicken you might say, breaking one of his own rules (“Don’t be a ****” — a word that has no place on family blog.) Jimmie Bise has more.

And secondly, and you know this already, the MINO (Media In Name Only) are trying to create buzz and momentum for the Obama campaign in misrepresenting polling information. When they say Obama is ahead in the polls, it really means Panic! Romney is ahead! Panic! Welcome to Opposite Land.

The next you know, we’ll be seeing Roseanne Barr in a tin foil bikini.

Where in the World…

We arrived home Saturday night at almost midnight. RedState was a great success and soon, very soon, I’ll have thoughts and even pictures if I can only find the camera in this mess of boxes and bags and bikes.

In the meantime, for the next two weeks, blogging will be scarce to non-existent as we are packing and moving the younglings off to school.

NotSoWeeHighander returns to his college in Rome, at least what’s left of it. He’s easy to move. Sheets, clothes, game system, laptop, TV, gallon of milk and two boxes of Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chunk cookies. Everything fits into the back of an SUV. Done.

HornGirlWithoutAGig heads off to grad school in NY. Besides all the usual girlie stuff, too many clothes, shoes, makeup, jewelry, books, trinkets, and a drugstore’s worth of shower/hair products, we also have a bike, a horn, a stand, four crates of music, various electronics including a new MacBook and five boxes of YARN. Yes, YARN.

Insert into this swirling sirocco of bedlam our ailing and ancient dog. Last week, Elizabeth/The Anchoress lost her beloved Allie. Oh, how I wept when I read her post. Now we face the same grief as we watch our little Chance fade away. I had so hoped he would make it until the kids were gone and we could handle everything quietly. This morning I’m surprised he made it through the night. He may take his leave of us before the kids ship off, which will make our partings even more bittersweet.

Pray for us.

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