Roll the Laugh Track

The DNC started last night. Ask me if I care. My life is too complicated right now to listen to grievance merchants chant their slogans or watch the clown parade. Dresses made from metallic tablecloths (insert heavy sigh here) don’t belong in political discourse.

A few highlights, from those with more time and the intestinal fortitude to withstand the muck, but first a visual aid via the DrudgeReport front page:

Click the picture to embiggen. Notice that little red arrow? I put that there, since I’m a genius graphic artist as well as Jedi Master, just to highlight that one little headline. The US slips in global competitiveness. King Obama is getting his wish, isn’t he? Another “inconvenient” nugget is that the National Debt topped $16 Billion on the first day of the DNC. Just another rung in the Obama Wants to Cripple America Ten Step Plan.

There are some not-so-subtle changes in the DNC platform. No more God but Hamas gets a high five.

Bigotry is finally defined, for those of us who notice that the goal posts shift constantly.

Nazi references flung far and wide. So according to Godwin’s Law, do the Dems automatically lose? Or do they attack those rules as raaaaacist as well?

The MSM is acknowledging their whining is real and so very painful… they feel so helpless. Waaaahhhhh.

But by far, the DNC has wowed in one respect: Best.Tweet.Ever.

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