Young Women, Pay Attention

The galaxy does not revolve around your girly bits. No matter what Glamour magazine tells you.

Toripundit gives Glamour the what-for regarding their recognizing Lena Dunham (remember the icky “First Time” campaign ad? Yeah, her.) as one of their “Women of the Year.” Seems she’s considered a “voice of her generation,” or something. Which generation, I wonder. The one desperate to find a job, any job? Or the one without a home in Long Island? Or the one buried by student debt and working three jobs, none of which provide benefits? Or the one that expects the government to feed, house, clothe, and provide free contraception for your multiple indiscretions?

Read the whole thing, and if you feel as insulted as I do by Glamour, send them a copy of Toripundit’s letter. I did.

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