2012: Don’t let the screen door hit you on the way out

Happy New Year!

Tasty NY Karma

Alternate title: Aren’t the Internetz fun?

Take a couple days off for the holiday and what happens? Some lefty newsrag* up in New York decides to publish the names and addresses (along with a handy interactive Google map) of all the handgun owners in Westchester, Rockland and Putnam Counties, just north of New York City. Evidently their playbook includes the rationalization that abusing the memory of dead children just to push some liberal point is completely acceptable, especially during the time frame of a hated Christian holiday. I see what you did there – double bonus points!

Hilarity ensues.

So, in an equally fair gesture, Christopher Fountain publishes the names and addresses of all the newspaper employees, including the Facebook and Twitter feeds of the editor. Which she typically and promptly closed down and/or deleted.

Now that Insty knows, the whole Internetz knows, hence the alternate title above. Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. A “free press” works both ways, sport.

Initial thoughts:

    1. Hey, criminals, these people have guns, so go steal them (if you can).
    2. Hey, criminals, these people don’t have guns (at least registered ones), so they will be easy pickings.
    3. Just because information is legally available to anyone who asks the right questions, doesn’t mean it should be broadcast. By the way, how’s your sister’s herpes treatment coming along?
    4. This editor and publisher just outed themselves to millions of red-blooded Americans who could care less about their politics. They are firm believers in The Republic regardless of their status of gun ownership, don’t care what the news says, don’t even read the Internetz, but by golly, they will not tolerate your foolishness.
    5. You started it. There are no do-overs. This is not the Kobayashi Maru.

—Note to self: Circle back in a few months and track down crime statistics for these three counties.

Christopher deserves a big, digital High Five for the yeoman’s work. And the feeding frenzy he’s about to endure.

UPDATE: Be sure to check out American Thinker’s take.

Of course, the rag’s real motivation is obvious: it wants to “out” firearms owners. The thinking is, “Hey, you want to own a gun? Then we’re going to put you in the pusillanimous people’s pillory, where all things manly and traditional belong.” Hence the title of the Journal piece, “The gun owner next door,” which could be followed with “The pedophile next door” or “The terrorist next door.” Ooh, scary. I’m more worried about the journalist next door. [Emphasis mine]

* The Journal News and lohud.com are owned by Gannett. Gannett has a Georgia presence, owning two television stations in the Atlanta area, WXIA and WATL, and WMAZ in Macon. Just sayin’…

Merry Christmas Y’all

2012 has been a year of prime bandwidth suckage at our little praxeum, with the one happy exception of a certain girl getting into grad school.

Regardless, today I wish you and yours a Very Merry Christmas. Our day was long, spent driving 6 hours in the driving rain, to Obi’s Sister’s Brother-in-Law’s house in the nether-reaches of southwest Georgia. There we celebrated our Savior’s birth with a groaning table of wonderful food and, when the rain broke, the shooting of shiny new armaments in the woods. Presents for the little ones, piles of paper in the floor and then surprise of surprise, a wedding.

Even when the future is dark, there is hope.

God bless us, every one.

Spiritual Warfare

I’ve added a new quote to the sidebar by G.K. Chesterton. These are dark days, indeed.

Advent brings out the worse in some of human kind. The events of this last week are evidence of such. Read Elizabeth’s post on the harassment of priests who are trying to help victim’s families.

Sick. Just sick.

Please pray for the victims, their families, their communities, their caregivers. Pray a hole through the sky.

If you want to do something in remembrance, try this if you’re the knitty/ crochety type.


Hell. Handbasket. In Progress.

As this past week staggered to its close, and my usual Christmas preparations still lay in their respective boxes thanks to a deeper than usual holiday funk swirling around yours truly, by Friday I decided I’d had enough.

First, prayers and solace go out to the families in Newtown, CT. The yammering heads on the news just need to SHUT UP. People, real people, including children, are dead. They deserve the utmost respect, not to be a political prop in your latest personal agenda.

Before the tragedy, some idiot commentator on ESPN decided a rookie NFL QB wasn’t BLACK enough for his tastes. Imagine the firestorm if a white commentator had uttered the same sentiments. They’d be fired, immediately. Sick of these double-standards? So I am.

Since the election, our government has spun out of control. Privacy is erased by secret fiat. Obamacare, DHS, the fiscal cliff, all manner of legislative largesse reversal and mass constituent hog-tying promise to obliterate what’s left of America.

As Bill Whittle says, “This is not a government. This is a tumor.”

“My life would be worthless without music.”

Imagine a cello made from garbage. Then imagine the strains of Bach #1 coming from such …

(h/t The Anchoress)

…an answer to the utilitarian types who think beauty and art are unnecessary and extraneous. These people are so poor, but they still want art, seek art, live for art. The transcendent connection to God. The beauty that saves us.

Did Bones REALLY Spill the Beans?


A few months ago, did Karl Urban (who plays the rebooted Dr. McCoy* in the rebooted Abrams’ Star Trek) REALLY spill the rebooted beans on the next movie’s villain in an interview with SFX?

Karl Urban, who now carries on the character of Dr. Leonard McCoy, may have accidently spilled the beans on Cumberbatch’s character. During a recent interview when he was promoting Dredd with SFX, explained how Cumberbatch was “awesome, he’s a great addition, and I think his Gary Mitchell is going to be exemplary!” Oops!

After the interview, the slip was pooh-poohed by “people in the know” as a purposeful misdirection. But now that the first peek of the first trailer is out, evidence suggests the the new villain IS Gary Mitchell from the very beginnings of The Original Series. Take a look.

Now, for a take on the plot synopsis:

In Summer 2013, pioneering director J.J. Abrams will deliver an explosive action thriller that takes ‘Star Trek Into Darkness.’ When the crew of the Enterprise is called back home, they find an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization has detonated the fleet and everything it stands for, leaving our world in a state of crisis.

With a personal score to settle, Captain Kirk leads a manhunt to a war-zone world to capture a one man weapon of mass destruction. As our heroes are propelled into an epic chess game of life and death, love will be challenged, friendships will be torn apart, and sacrifices must be made for the only family Kirk has left: his crew.

Lt. Cmdr. Gary Mitchell assuming his Godlike powers / TOS

Lt. Cmdr. Gary Mitchell assuming his Godlike powers / TOS

Hmmmmm….. Sounds like Gary Mitchell to me. Appearing in the first season episode “Where No Man Has Gone Before,” he was Kirk’s best friend from the Academy who came to an unfortunate and untimely end. Exactly how the former Lt. Commander fits into the new mythology seems a little thorny** to me, especially considering his position in the original canon, but I’m sure all will be explained logically, if not explosively.

Given the dismal news of late, we finally have something fun to think about and debate.


*This rebooted thing is going to get complicated. Since he is the rebooted Bones, is he the first Bones or the last? Or just the new? Or is there more than one Bones, like Spock?

**So… in the reboot, Kirk becomes Captain on his first mission and even though the Academy was hurriedly turned out for defense against Nero, to my knowledge Mitchell was not assigned to the Enterprise. In TOS, Kirk and Mitchell are on a mission that occurs somewhere on the outer rim of the universe. So… in the reboot, has the mission already occurred that resulted in Mitchell’s alteration? Or did the force that transformed Mitchell find him on Earth, or on another ship? The synopsis did say, “…from within their own organization…” That means he is still a member of Starfleet. Puzzling this, am I.

***Long-time readers know this blog is rife with Star Wars imagery and double-entendre. Long-time readers also know that I can mix my galactic metaphors with the ease of a double-beamed light saber. Galaxies do not require monogamy. Just ask Tasha Yar.

Not Even a Bridesmaid

Forget the bride. I can’t even get the flower girl gig.

Yet again, I am left off this list.

Lance wasn’t on it, again, either. And he’s even written for John and wasn’t mentioned in the mea culpa PS #3.

I blame ACORN.

All Your Emails R Belong to Us

…meaning the US government.

NSA whistleblower William Binney explains how our imperial government has been storing ALL our emails for years (so don’t freak out and delete everything now, because it’s already copied and stored and indexed, hee hee, ho ho). How do you think they had access to Gen. John Allen’s 20K emails within hours of the breaking Patraeus/Broadwell scandal?

If that doesn’t scare the ever-loving stuffin’ out of your Christmas bird, then consider this – your DVR and/or cable box is watching AND listening to you. Supposedly for targeted marketing, but can you really be sure?

It brings an entirely new meaning to “making and list and checking it twice,” doesn’t it?

Once a Sharecropper, Always a Sharecropper, How Sweet It Is!

Mary Katherine Ham, fellow distinguished alum of the University of Georgia, outlines at HotAir the GAO’s reminder that “Houston, we have a problem…”

… Democrats and liberals seem pretty keen on slipping over the cliff, despite possible economic damage. Yes, that’s because they can be nearly 100 percent sure the press will never punish Democrats for not making a deal. They haven’t punished them for breaking the law by not passing budgets for three years, even though they admit they simply don’t want to put their ideas on paper because of political considerations. There was hardly a price to pay for any failure of Obama’s first four years in office because there was a Republican in office before him, so why wouldn’t they assume they can successfully pin the blame on Republicans still actually in office? The calculus has to change for them if anyone expects them to do anything that might avert debt disaster, ever. The press does us all a disservice by not dissecting President Obama’s current plan and four years of utter abdication on budget and debt issues with the same gusto and skepticism it reserves for Mitt Romney’s CostCo shopping cart contents.

All that being said, Republicans can’t ignore the fact that the public is placing blame on them, fairly or unfairly. Counting on the press to be fair enough to change the dynamic is a fool’s errand. It’s therefore the responsibility of Republican leadership to present its ideas with some kind of understanding of the unfriendly ground on which it’s playing. For instance, at least holding a press conference for what it hopes will be a game-changing counter-offer instead of sending a letter that’s quickly ignored in time to get back to Obama’s talking points.

Obama wants America to fail. It’s in his day planner, highlighted with glitter stickers and scribbled hearts and smiley faces with turbans.

Why else would his media brain trust pay an intimate visit to the WH on Tuesday?

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