Not Even a Bridesmaid

Forget the bride. I can’t even get the flower girl gig.

Yet again, I am left off this list.

Lance wasn’t on it, again, either. And he’s even written for John and wasn’t mentioned in the mea culpa PS #3.

I blame ACORN.

All Your Emails R Belong to Us

…meaning the US government.

NSA whistleblower William Binney explains how our imperial government has been storing ALL our emails for years (so don’t freak out and delete everything now, because it’s already copied and stored and indexed, hee hee, ho ho). How do you think they had access to Gen. John Allen’s 20K emails within hours of the breaking Patraeus/Broadwell scandal?

If that doesn’t scare the ever-loving stuffin’ out of your Christmas bird, then consider this – your DVR and/or cable box is watching AND listening to you. Supposedly for targeted marketing, but can you really be sure?

It brings an entirely new meaning to “making and list and checking it twice,” doesn’t it?

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