Tasty NY Karma

Alternate title: Aren’t the Internetz fun?

Take a couple days off for the holiday and what happens? Some lefty newsrag* up in New York decides to publish the names and addresses (along with a handy interactive Google map) of all the handgun owners in Westchester, Rockland and Putnam Counties, just north of New York City. Evidently their playbook includes the rationalization that abusing the memory of dead children just to push some liberal point is completely acceptable, especially during the time frame of a hated Christian holiday. I see what you did there – double bonus points!

Hilarity ensues.

So, in an equally fair gesture, Christopher Fountain publishes the names and addresses of all the newspaper employees, including the Facebook and Twitter feeds of the editor. Which she typically and promptly closed down and/or deleted.

Now that Insty knows, the whole Internetz knows, hence the alternate title above. Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. A “free press” works both ways, sport.

Initial thoughts:

    1. Hey, criminals, these people have guns, so go steal them (if you can).
    2. Hey, criminals, these people don’t have guns (at least registered ones), so they will be easy pickings.
    3. Just because information is legally available to anyone who asks the right questions, doesn’t mean it should be broadcast. By the way, how’s your sister’s herpes treatment coming along?
    4. This editor and publisher just outed themselves to millions of red-blooded Americans who could care less about their politics. They are firm believers in The Republic regardless of their status of gun ownership, don’t care what the news says, don’t even read the Internetz, but by golly, they will not tolerate your foolishness.
    5. You started it. There are no do-overs. This is not the Kobayashi Maru.

—Note to self: Circle back in a few months and track down crime statistics for these three counties.

Christopher deserves a big, digital High Five for the yeoman’s work. And the feeding frenzy he’s about to endure.

UPDATE: Be sure to check out American Thinker’s take.

Of course, the rag’s real motivation is obvious: it wants to “out” firearms owners. The thinking is, “Hey, you want to own a gun? Then we’re going to put you in the pusillanimous people’s pillory, where all things manly and traditional belong.” Hence the title of the Journal piece, “The gun owner next door,” which could be followed with “The pedophile next door” or “The terrorist next door.” Ooh, scary. I’m more worried about the journalist next door. [Emphasis mine]

* The Journal News and lohud.com are owned by Gannett. Gannett has a Georgia presence, owning two television stations in the Atlanta area, WXIA and WATL, and WMAZ in Macon. Just sayin’…

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  1. December 28, 2012 at 11:42 am

    Don’t know if you saw – Christopher made it to Drudge. Recently the links been taken down though. Go figure.

    What’d you say the chances are of your #2 making broadcast news headline outside of Fox? I’m optimistic.


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