Birthday Bust and Weather Pr0n

Yesterday was my birthday. Pretty low key for the most part, until I got the happy voicemail that a second card of mine had been compromised.

Back track two weeks. Before GradSchoolGirl returned to school, I took a day off and we happily tripped off on what we like to call a ‘Yarn Safari.’ Our destination was Macon and Creative Yarns, one of the bestest yarn shops in GA. While we were traipsing around Bibb County, American Express called, wanting to know if I’d ordered almost $700 of cell phones from a Verizon website. I said, ‘Noooooo…..Whhhhaaaaa…..” And thus that merry adventure began and harshed my yarn buzz considerably.

Zoom back to yesterday. The call yesterday was more disturbing in that is was my debit card. While I was at work, someone was using my number to fill up their car at a truck stop in Florida. So I spent the better part of the day on the phone with the VISA people and the bank people and then a lovely visit from our local deputy so I could file a police report.

I highly suspect the source of the theft is our local fried chicken joint. That’s pretty much the only spot I’ve used both cards. I won’t stop eating there, I’ll just be paying with cash from now on.

Which brings me to today. After the pall that was cast on my meager birthday celebrations (#thanksAlotObama), today I get to be pummeled with severe weather.

013013 weather

Sheesh. I need a break already.


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