Where to start?

After three weeks of dealing with identity theft, I was hoping for a quiet February.

Not so fast say the muses of misery:

GradSchoolGirl is now buried in snow. Last we heard from her, she still had power, but no internet. Being the hot house flower she is, she is NOT enjoying the winter wonderland.

My husband’s truck was stolen Thursday night from a church parking lot, while he was away singing with his men’s group in South Georgia. It was an old truck, yes, but it was comfortable and dependable. And loan-free.

Saturday I missed our county’s GOP Mass Precinct meeting due a funeral in South Carolina. Seems petty old white men still rule the roost in the GOP and Georgia is the lesser for it.

Wow. Just wow. I can’t wait to see what the rest of February brings. God must have something big in store for us!


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