A Trip. A Sunday Night. A Decision.

We went on a trip to NY, Long Island, really, to hear GradSchoolGirl’s first graduate recital. The recital was successful, and besides the nasty weather on Friday where we considered wearing everything we packed just to keep warm (“Just bring a light jacket, you’ll be fine – my hind parts!!), the trip was fun.

Sunday dawned too bright and too early for the weary travelers. Worship was wonderful. You could feel something was going on. The pastor sat us all down after the invitation to ask our prayers while he decided to run for Congress. Then he called a meeting at 4:30.

That evening at the meeting, he outlined the events of the week (most of which we’d missed since we were in the frozen hinterlands sunny Stony Brook), the scriptures that spoke to him and where he was in the decision process. Then he opened the floor for questions and comments. The outpouring of love and support was simply indescribable. It was been a very long time since I was in a church where you could feel God’s presence in the room.

Yesterday, Dr. Jody Hice, my pastor, announced his candidacy for GA-10. I couldn’t be prouder!

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