Lifting the Dragon’s Breath

No matter who Obama believes he is, even Merlin couldn’t cast a spell that lasted forever.

For the last year, I’ve been sick at heart. People can be such disappointments. The hypocrisy we’ve personally witnessed both close at hand and from afar is enough to turn most folks’ stomachs. The God Business is not for the faint at heart. Add to that watching the foundation of a country that I love crack and crumble a little more each day – no wonder I can’t sleep and my gut churns like I’ve taken a double Miralax with a crack chaser with my morning oatmeal.

Then last week, at the first hint of that swirling mist around Benghazi might lift, Jeff at Protein Wisdom voiced all my disgust in one post. Read it all. I’ll wait.

Since then, Obama’s web of deceit began to unravel. The IRS. The AP. The EPA. The Sebelius healthcare shakedown. And Drudge promises there is more to come. Plenty of linky goodness, so no need to link here.

And right on cue, we get the news that The White House authorized the IRS target practice.

Ace has started a scorecard. Heh.


I feel like Theoden having just been freed by Gandalf from Wormtongue’s tortured whispers.

Now if I could only get rid of this lingering stomach virus…

BREAKING: Even DC is turning on Obama now…

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